Whose in-game trees are these - can you guess?

Without virtual trees, landscapes in games would be a lot less lovely than they are. Can you imagine exploring Oblivion's countryside in a tree-less Tamriel, for example? It would be like a big forest, but without any, um, trees. Just a big open space with a few rocks scattered about the place to break-up the monotony of grass.

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Lord Anubis4737d ago

I didn't get any of them right :(

wolfgang4737d ago

Don't beat yourself, its hard to guess as there is only a few clue to find which games those are from and so many games got trees...

wolfgang4737d ago

I can't deveide which one I like best. I would prefer playing a game with the trees from #3 (prettiest), but the one in #6 are the more lifelike.

Could #6 be cgi and not ingame ?

PS360PCROCKS4737d ago

I dont even have to look at the article (I will after I post) but the image from the news post is too human.

PS360PCROCKS4737d ago

Sweet I got Too Human and Tiger Woods.

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The story is too old to be commented.