Final Fantasy XIII PS3 and 360 Differences Announced

FinalFantasy-XIII.net: Square Enix has just confirmed a couple of differences between the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 release of Final Fantasy XIII in an interview with Famitsu.

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Gandalf5045d ago

Both will release with their own exclusive Pokemon which you can trade online with each other.

whothedog5045d ago

Gotta catch em all! Gotta catch em all!

UnSelf5045d ago

as long as i get Mr. Mime im good

Noctis Aftermath5045d ago

I thought these were commonly known facts.

ultimolu5045d ago

*whistles* This can't be good.
But this isn't rocket science.

WildArmed5045d ago

Abra for life!
Stupid proffesor oak wouldnt give me a damn Abra!

Dragun6195045d ago (Edited 5045d ago )

Its good to hear them confirmed that they are indeed using a dual layered Bluray disc to fit all Uncompressed Video/Audio. Just in case if people didn't see it the last time on the JP box art.

Hopefully, they'll change their minds and include both Jp and Eng Dubs/Subtitles.

I mean if your going to use a Dual Layered Blu ray Disc (50gb) and you only have 25gb worth of content, you might as well put in optional Dubs&Subs along with the option of choosing the Jp version of FFXIII main theme song. Hell, if they did that, I wouldn't mind if those guys did put in Leona Lewis "My Hands" Music Video or her song, Heck I would even support it, just give me my JP dub.

In-cognito5045d ago (Edited 5045d ago )

I forget, whats a Pokemon again?

forgot the /s

ssipmraw5045d ago (Edited 5045d ago )

360 is an obsolete piece of sh!t

compression is so last gen

In-cognito5045d ago

@ Soda Popinsky
What was that for?

Oh, nevermind, I see:
Ignored by: 92 users

Must be sad...

Blaze9295045d ago

Welcome to "uhhhh....DUH" land.

DW5045d ago

even if he has un compressed graphixes attacks (^_^ )

Pika-pie5045d ago

Whichever platform has the lead will always have the edge. Thats why so many multiplat games look slightly better on the 360.. The code is written and optimised for the 360 in the first instance and then they figure out how to get over to the PS3 second.

Likewise FFXIII WILL look better on the PS3 as it was delveloped for the system first. All we have to wonder is by how much

pixelsword5045d ago

...that puts it squarely at three discs minimum. I wonder if they're going to make the world linear or encapsulated to the point that missions will be contained on discs? Hmm... freeroaming may not be an option in either version perhaps.

Kinda reminds me of Rage... kinda. By the time that game comes out, the graphics may not be as revolutionary as they would've been if it wasn't held back because of whetting it down to fit on two discs.

vhero5045d ago

Compressed video?? Ask anybody who knows anything about video that compressed video compared to uncompressed makes a heap load of difference. The PS3 version sounds like it's gonna look better thanks to uncompressed video. Comparison vids of course will lie and make out 360 version will be better but we expect that these days. Gametrailers.com your move! Anybody who chooses 360 version OVER PS3 version is an idiot anyways (obviously I mean you own both consoles). If you only can afford the 360 then you obviously have no choice. Enjoy swapping discs :)

Consoldtobots5045d ago

how is a woman with half her face burnt off full of fail??

typical MS fanboy.

siyrobbo5045d ago (Edited 5045d ago )

I'm very doubtfull that the PS3 version contains uncompressed video, (remember even the best looking blu-rays at 1080p 40 mbs are still compressed) 1 minute of uncompressed RAW HD 1080p Video takes up gb's of space per minute

If you own a PS3 and a 360, its obvious which you should get anyway

SaiyanFury5045d ago

So the differences lie in the medium. Again it comes back to the relevance of BD. 50GB versus a maximum of 8.5GB per disc, both dual-layered. Uncompressed video and audio versus compressed. Any person versed in technical things will tell you uncompressed is invariably better in just about every respect. As I had always intended, I'm going with the PS3 version. Now if someone could include an HD audio codec like DTS-HD Master into a game, I'd be really impressed. :)

Death5045d ago

The game is built on a multi-platform engine that started life on a PC. It is then optimized for each platform. Using a multi-platform engine like this makes it so there is no lead platform and each version can look and play the best.


ceedubya95045d ago

You know, you're more than welcome to have your opinion about stuff, but saying someone is an idiot for getting the 360 version is uncalled for. People have their own reasons for doing things, and just because it doesn't fit your idea of what's "smart" doesn't mean the person lacks intelligence.....it just means that they have a mind of their own and will do what fits their needs and wants.

I have both consoles and I'm getting the 360 version barring any real major differences. I could give a damn about swapping a disc after hours of gameplay. Does that make me an idiot. No, I would think not. It just means I do what makes me happy, for whatever reason that may be, beyond you or anyone else's understanding.

You can have your opinion, but try not to tear other poeople down because its not the same as yours.

vhero5045d ago

At above your getting the 360 version and you have both?? Then your obviously a pirate or have some other weird reason. As without online I don't see the point of getting the 360 version.

ceedubya95045d ago (Edited 5045d ago )

You see, that's what I'm talking about.

"Then your obviously a pirate or have some other weird reason."

No, I'm not a pirate. And my reasons are my own, and my choice is just as valid as anyone elses. Its the same game, and there doesn't seem to be any major differences between them. Unless there is a major problem besides compression and disc changing, I think I'll be alright.

There are some games that are slightly better on 360, but I got them for the PS3 instead. Why? Because that was the choice that I made that suited my gaming needs. Get off of your high horse, and accept that people can think differently from you and game how they want.

Edit: With what I say still standing: Vhero, I will apologize to you if my comments seem overly aggressive. We all should agree though, that people should play what they want, how they want, right? No matter how strange it may seem.

likedamaster5045d ago (Edited 5045d ago )

Yet 360 version's graphics will probably look better and the game itself play better. :D


creatchee5045d ago

Damn right you don't have to explain your reasons for getting it on the platform of your choice. However, expect attacks from those who aren't so nice and/or understanding! :(

I'm probably going to get this on PS3 - Square's cutscenes have always been delicious and I do want to see them in the best possible resolution.

Question of interest though - the compression doesn't affect actual gameplay resolution, just in the cutscenes, correct?

doG_beLIEfs5045d ago

Okay deciders...you want to get the 360 version when you have a PS3 go right ahead. Not my place to Dubya (decider) for you. Maybe you like compressed audio, textures, graphics or maybe you like that the 360 CPU has to UNcompress everything putting extra stress on an already outdated CPU leaving less of the CPU to run the game.

Perhaps you want your very own Wiifit type experience by having to get up off the couch 3,4,5 times to change the disc. Maybe you love to hear the ROAR of the 360 DVD drive (louder is better right?) or maybe you want to stick it to Sony because MS told you too.

Whatever your reasons are I am sure they are well thought out and full of logic and reason.

And for those of you who think the DVD drive is FASTER than the PS3's Blu-ray drive....for those of you who think the 360 CPU is in the same league as the CELL BE...I have more of those pesky FACTS for you

This link shows just how much of a beast the CELL BE really is and how much FASTER it is than the 360's CPU's.


Another myth about the PS3 debunked....

PS3 reads FASTER than the 360 does
see my above post for a debunking of more myths about the PS3's BRD.

For those that are too lazy to scroll up here you go.

2x Blu-ray Drive (72Mbps(9MB/s))
Single Layer (2x CLV) - Constant Linear Velocity (Same speed across entire disk)
Double Layer - Couldn't find any data but no games have been released on a double layer yet.

Entire Blu-ray Disk is read at 9MB/s.

12x DVD-Rom Drive SL (9.25MB/S-15.85MB/s(AVG ~8x(10.57MB/s) DL (4.36MB/s-10.57MB/s(AVG ~6x(7.93MB/s)
SL(DVD-5) 12x Max (5-12x Full CAV) - Constant Angular Velocity (Speed Varies from edge to edge)
DL(DVD-9) 8x Max (3.3-8x Full CAV) - Constant Angular Velocity (Speed Varies from edge to edge)

SL DVD is 1.57MB/s > SL Blu-ray
DL DVD is 1.07MB/s < SL Blu-ray

Majority of 360 games are on DVD-9.

Hitachi 12x DVD-Rom Faq (Page 2)
What is DVD?
Blu-ray.com Blu-ray FAQ
Wikipedia - Constant Linear Velocity
Wikipedia - Constant Angular Velocity

Party on DVD'er....party on.