GWN: Colin McRae DiRT Demo is Rubbish!

GWN editor Richard Manley has shared his thoughts on the new DiRT demo:

"I hope they fix the physics of the game before release, or this will be yet another disappointing Colin McRae title.

I've played the DiRT demo on the Xbox 360, and I have to tell you guys I think it's pretty god damn awful. The physics in the Colin McRae series have been going down hill since Colin Mcrae 2, which actually sold really well. Driving the rally cars in DiRT feels more like you're driving a boat. The physics are very floaty. The turn-in feels wrong, the steering is not progressive enough, and the vehicles can come to a complete stop surprisingly quickly, even on a loose gravel surface.

The designers of the game claim it has a new, ultra-realistic physics system, but I just don't feel it. I believe Codemasters should have spent more time on the physics of the driving model, even if it was at the expense of the pretty graphics."

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spacetoilet4785d ago (Edited 4785d ago )

This the same game the xbots name as a AAA title?

*edit* For Xbox360COCKS below, I was not alluding to it being multi or not. I was just commenting on how tons of nerbot posts in the past on this very forum, trying to trash Motorstorm brought this crap up as a better game. So STFU.

PS360PCROCKS4785d ago

wow what a fuc*ing idiot you are...M-U-L-T-I P-L-A-T-F-O-R-M moron...god some of you mindless idiots never think before you spew your bullsh*t

Blackmoses4785d ago (Edited 4785d ago )

you know what humors me you guys get so wound up over a comment that you start cursing in there really any need. What are you twelve? c'mon grow up!
Why are you even calling people names?
Anyways there were a lot of Microsoft fans claiming that this game will blow motorstorm out of the water. I seriously believe he knew it was multiplatform. It was just the fact that everbody felt this game was gonna be better than MOTORSTORM, and now it appears that it may not actually turn out to be. But this guy could be biased.

PS360PCROCKS4785d ago

No this is just like the 5th straight idiotic comment I saw so I went off just a little I was just really irritating because it's multiplatform and he just made himself look absolutely retarded

PS360PCROCKS4785d ago

Oh ok. Well here is a hint next time post something like...

"This is the AAA game everyone is saying beats Motorstorm, ha I guess not!"


"This the same game the xbots name as a AAA title? Hmmmmm."

I guess maybe you don't see how that comment could preclude that your calling us all OUT and name bashing all at once? So if you didn't like how I responded, maybe next time try to be a little more clear in your meaning. Oh and for the record I agree that Motorstorm is a better off-road rally racer. I would have agreed with you if you would have said that.

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Numark4785d ago

I have simply never liked this series to be honest, I suggest everyone just gets forza 2. It is such a great game everyone is ignoring due to graphics.

Diselage4785d ago

While i've never thought much of the CM games but this demo was great, it may not be a pure sim but it was fun to play.

razer4785d ago

Has horrible physics when you compare it to a sim style game. But it still fun as hell and I always prefer a more arcade style racer to the sim experience.

This game is no different. I find it funny that every other review I've read of this game is saying how great it is... I've played the demo and I liked it a lot compared to Forza, but I'm just not a racing sim person.

Spacetoilet - You 1 bubble wonder boy.. Your response is typical of a PS3Tard! (see I can use stupid references like xbot too!). Get a life!

Shake4784d ago

When I downloaded the demo of this game,when i started it up,it went ok starting with the menus.Then when it was time for it to load(to go to gameplay)It says disk might be damaged or dirty.But there was no disk in the tray!Can someone help me out?

AcidRhain4785d ago (Edited 4785d ago )

All of y'all who talk like this moron editor who's ranting about how much he's a biased assh*le. It's a decent game, the physics aren't the greatest but they are good. All I have to say, is Blow Me!

EDIT: sorry this article kinda pissed me off. I appologize, but still... Who the f*ck does this guy think he is. a NOBODY... an 'editor' whose oppinion counts for sh!t.

ninamyers4785d ago (Edited 4785d ago )

None of what you just said makes sense. Try reading the actual article. All you can say is "blow me"? errr..

marionz4784d ago

ninamyers was the editor! ouch!

MrBIGGLES4784d ago

HAHA. "blow me"

This is a good game. I mean, I'm buying it. The article was totally off.

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