Microsoft could have stopped the Blu-ray/HD DVD war

Red states and blue states. With the presidential primary season in full pander mode, red states and blue states are currently a big political story. But in the world of technology, red states and blue states refer to the red and blue lasers that dogmatically separate the two competing and incompatible high-definition disc formats, the blue laser-powered Blu-ray and red laser-powered HD DVD.

But the HD blue/red war could have been averted. How? Ask Bill Gates. Why? Read on.

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snoop_dizzle4745d ago

that Msoft doesn't have to worry about bluray beating HDDVD aside from movies, because the games aren't even using HDDVD disks though that could of been a good move even if its doing badly. PSP games are doing alright considering how bad UMD movies are doing. HDDVD as a game format it would be excellent space wise, not too big or too small.

Of course movies would be doing bad but as for games, it would do pretty good.

Kaneda4745d ago

Xbox 360 could have got MGS 4 if they have HD-DVD built in...and could have win the HD war, and life-span Xbox 360 could have last longer too. Don't have to upgrade in 4 years. When everything will be in HD..

snoop_dizzle4745d ago

but think of the odds of MGS4 coming to the 360.

Thats highly unlikely.

Odion4745d ago

lol this article is mad, it pretty much says MS should have done nothing and let Sony win for the betterment of us all. Why not let toshiba win?

BitbyDeath4745d ago

Sony isn't Blu-ray.

The article is saying that everyone had chosen there sides and Blu-ray was a dead winner but MS decided to throw a spanner in the works and back hd-dvd, therefore convincing others to cross over as well and lead us to where we are today. Consumers screwed

Odion4745d ago

Of course Sony is blue ray its their tech, this is there way of getting back after loosing out to CD players and dvds

WoundedMoon4745d ago

I can picture a future day when blue laser blasters will be used to combat those with red laser blasters...

...or, maybe they'll find something better to use than clumsy laser blasters? Something more, refined, civilized, and... saberish?

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The story is too old to be commented.