How-to: make custom Forza 2 paint jobs

This tutorial is for everyone who wants to learn how to make custom GFX and designs. I will assume if you are reading this, then youve at least messed around with the Livery editor, so you know all the basic shapes, and how to change colors and stretch and skew. If you dont, just practice with it, you'll learn quickly enough.

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Systematrix4808d ago

That is absolutely amazing. I never would've thought to do that stuff to create shading and 3D effects. Here I am putting simple tears/flames and OEM stickers on my

BlazinMethodX3604808d ago

I know the guy who made these designs from school, it's soo cool he is being posted on news websites for his aamaazzing tutorial and designs. *BTW, I may know him but he has actually no life and I am not friends w. him, lol. Just a collegue...

004808d ago

Damn things not working.

I guess I will have to learn to do it by myself.

ASSASSYN 36o4808d ago

This is the kind of thing that was popular in steel-battalion line of contact. You could make images on your VT`s just like this. This kind of thing can make a crappy car sell for boo-koo bucks in the auctions.

Krazy Ken4808d ago

Take a look at some of these excellent paint jobs.
I wish I have skills like these people.