SNES Emulators Playing on PS3 Yellow Dog Linux found a video of a user utilizing the PS3 Yellow Dog Linux program to play SNES games through the SuperNintendoEmulatorSoftware Snex9x. In this video he is playing Chrono Trigger. One the greatest RPG's of all time. Could this possibly be the start of Homebrew on the PS3? Could you eventually maybe play NES/Genesis/Sega Master System/GBA/DS games on your PS3?

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ITR4744d ago

Since Sony keeps trying to stop homebrew on the PSP...I wonder what will happen on the PS3?

SmokeyMcBear4744d ago

well they arent running the program on the ps3 perse, its running off of linux, so im not sure what sony could do about that, since it is on a separate partition on the HDD

EZCheez4744d ago

This is actually a pretty smart move by Sony. By allowing a different OS to be run on the PS3, they have allowed homebrewers to go wild while not having to worry about it affecting the actual PS3 OS, thereby relieving them of any copyright infringements.

Satisfies everybody without really hurting anybody.....but Nintendo.

PS360WII4744d ago

I'm sure the PS3 is non-downgradable. You'd either always have to wait for the hack to come out or just disconnect your PS3 from the internet.... either way this'll be intresting to see

EZCheez4744d ago

I've had this going on my PS3 for months now. I'm not trying to brag, I just thought people already knew about this. I even left a thread for instructions (there are actual instructions for this on the Terrasoft website) on this very website hoping other people would get to enjoy this months ago.

To be honest, this was actually how I was spending all of my time with the PS3 due to a lack of games until I got into the Warhawk beta.

Here is the link again:

kornbeaner4744d ago

True.. The Video is super old. Can't believe it got approved.

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