Sony To Roll Out $125 Million Dollar Bravia TV Campaign

A brutal battle of brands is set to break out in the flat screen tv market. As already seen by many, Panasonic and Samsung role out multi million dollards local advertising campaigns during past week. Now sony is stepping up to the table with $125 million dollard global advertising for their new range of BRABIA LCD TV'S

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KoolMan4747d ago

hope this campaign help them

ITR4747d ago

I still like Samsung over Sony LCD's.
And Pioneer and Hitachi Plasmas over Samsung plasma displays

IBLEEDBLU4746d ago


omansteveo4746d ago

Thats about how much a Sony TV cost

ben hates you4746d ago

Go Sharp Aqous, over any bravia, the picture is much better look for your selves

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The story is too old to be commented.