Check Out BioShock's Crazy Powers

1UP's gone a little BioShock crazy lately, with Irrational Games' first-person adventure gracing the cover of EGM and a behind-the-scenes special from The 1UP Show kids.

Head to GameVideos for HD versions of five -- count 'em -- different ways to dismember, destroy and obliterate the creatures lurking in BioShock's labyrinth.

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TnS4248d ago

Because of sluggish speed of I included the first three videos from The other two -- listed at the alternative sources -- were not available.

egyptian_diarrhea4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

very good the fallout artwork :). Loved the winter blast video,the ice effect was really good. This looks veeerryy promising.thanks TnS for the vids ;).

ngg123454248d ago

This game looks awesome.