10 Cool Games That Are Uncool for Kids (and 10 Alternatives)

A lot of this season's most talked-about games include ones with excessive violence, negative role models, extreme gore, sociopathic behavior, and other things that have been proven to have a negative effect on kids.

So how do you give kids what they want without giving them what you don't want? Know your options. Follow their tips on a choosing great video games, check out their 2009 video game gift guide, and offer alternatives that don't veer into unhealthy territory.

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WildArmed4251d ago

lol i couldnt stop smiling after i read:
Demon's Souls It's not just the copious amounts of blood and the smaller enemies who fall like rag dolls at your feet -- this game also has a depressing vibe. Because you constantly die, it can break the spirit of even the most seasoned gamer, but hardcore players relish this kind of challenge.
Alternative: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Demons Souls is definitely a game you dont want some one will a cool head to get into. Otherwise there will be pain :)

HolyOrangeCows4250d ago

Alternative: Infamous"

"Dragon Age: Origins...

"Left 4 Dead 2...
Alternative: Overlord II"

Yes, because those are SO similar.

Uncle Rico4251d ago

lmao! L4D2 teaches team work! now why is that there *sarcastic* lol

Azimuth4251d ago

Braid instead of DA:O? It's not even the same genre. Was the writer huffing petrol?

xdye0174251d ago

HAHAHA infamous and UC2 are kid's games!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.