Super Street Fighter II HD's Akuma

Capcom USA blog hops to be bringing you art for all the SF characters in the game, and much more, and to continue on the heels of Ken, here is Akuma. The first image shows a comparison between the old version on the right and the new version on the left. There are two more frames of animation below, showing off Akuma in the middle of classic moves. Yes, these are actual frames of animation from the game, meaning Akuma will look like this in the game, only animated.

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timmyp534783d ago

street fighter fans rejoice!

omansteveo4783d ago

Yeah! Finally Capcom moving to HI-RES Sprites ala Guilty Gear

InMyOpinion4783d ago

This is what it should have looked like 5 years ago.

AcidRhain4783d ago

This will be the best fighter once again. can't wait to play this one.

Marceles4783d ago

I never thought they could really top the street fighter III sprites, very nice

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The story is too old to be commented.