GI.Biz Interview: EA Montreal's Reid Schneider

GI.Biz writes: "When EA Montreal released Army of Two in March 2008 it received very different receptions in the US and Europe. America accepted the tone of the game – macho, crude, in-your-face – while Europe snubbed it, put off by the frat-boy humour and trash talk. Aware that cutting off half of the audience isn't a wise move in a time when hardcore gaming is becoming a niche, next year's sequel, Army of Two: The 40th Day, is EA Montreal's attempt to make the core game more appealing without dumbing down the experience to pander to a wider audience. recently got the opportunity to catch up with executive producer at EA Montreal Reid Schneider, to discuss the sequel, how hardcore games need to evolve to remain relevant in a changing market, and how game developers can benefit from looking for new inspiration in different media."EA Montreal's Reid Schneider

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