Rumor 101: Gears of War 3 in Production? "Well, we managed to dig up a few profiles that might point to the development of the Gears 3. This includes a outsource art company guy James Paick who has previously worked on Uncharted 2 and is also working on Sucker Punch's unannounced title (pointing to the resurgence of Cole or Sly). The next profile of Kevin Chen reveals he recently started working on "Character Design and Style Guide creation for new unannounced game." The important thing to note that both these individuals have been hired and working on it over the last few months."

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blue7xx73774d ago

It doesn't actually say gears of war 3 it just says "New Unannounced game" so it could be anything but yeah I think everyone knows Gears of War 3 will be made.

donstar3774d ago

People can fly is working on the next action game...that leaves Epic to work on their next game which has to be Gears 3...Unless they are working another unreal...

Niles3774d ago

Have been working on the game for two months now...This is a game which has gone past pre production, they would not hire a concept artist at a final of a mid stage to work on art...I ve a feeling this is GeOW 3

Nihilism3774d ago

I'm 99% sure that EPIC said the next gears would be on the next console and that it would use Unreal Engine 4

Nihilism3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

"The wait for Gears of War 3 could be longer than expected, with Epic Games President Mike Capps saying it will be released on the next generation of consoles "

wow another disagree, someone sure is upset about not getting gears 3 any time soon, have a nice wait douchebag

thehitman3774d ago

Its releasing in 2010 on 360 on UE3.

likedamaster3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )



As a Gears fan, I hope they do wait till next gen or UE4 till they drop the Gears 3 Megaton. Dedicated servers was mentioned for the next Gears so no more lag online. (Cliffy B. on the last kotaku podcast)

IaMs123774d ago

Just because it suppose to come out on for the next generation Xbox doesnt mean its not in production. There are already companies that are working next gen games, of course they are far out there but still doesnt mean they cant work on it. I say start working on it now, because that gives them like 4-5 years before they release it, which means they have time to make a great story, graphics, and gameplay that they can tweak.

WildArmed3774d ago

"If we ship a game in the next few years, it'll be Unreal Engine 3," he said, "If we ship a game on next [generation] consoles, it will likely be Unreal Engine 4."

=/ well.. i hope he doesn't use that same stupid chainsaw from the last announcement.
After seeing how they implemented 'chainsaw' battles.. the chainsaw gun theme got really lame really fast.

But would love another Gears. Just about had enough of Gears 2 horde mode lol

DeadlyFire3774d ago

Of course its Gears 3. If not then it is something else. Likely it could be Nano.Strike. Epic could be saving Gears 3 for Unreal Engine 4 release. You never know. They did patent Nano.Strike earlier this year.

Anon19743774d ago

The first was excellent and 100% upped the bar on what the 360 was capable of. Gears of War 2 just raised that bar higher, and, in my opinion, absolutely nailed what co-op should be in a game.

I've got high hopes fore Gears 3.

3774d ago
XboxOZ3603774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Cliff and crew have been working on GOW 3 since 3 months prior to the release of GOW2 last November.

I spoke with him while he was in Sydney for the launch of the game, and it was obvious they were already working on its sequel, as well as another title, which was the XBLA title released during this year.

ALL game in sequel franchises start their following title approx 3-6 months out from the release of the cominig title. One section of the team that has been dealing with character design, level design etc who have finished their job, take a break of a few weeks, then begin the continuation of the game, refining it for the next iteration.

This is true of ALL sequels, with no exceptions.

This allows shorter lead up time for the following games title, and has the team working on product to ensure the team is active, and no sections of the team/s are left with too much free time. All of which costs money for the developer, and the publishing side of the firm (which is run separately) wants to make sure its $$;'s are spent in the right areas.

So rest assured, early in 2010, we will hear some announcements about Gears Of War 3, during the first quarter actually. Plus some news on the Gears Of War Movie Cliff was talking about when he was here as well.

The game will of course be looking at taking advantage of their new engine, which is romoured to be hitting the scene sometime late in 2010, which would fit in with a very late 2010 or 2011 release for the game. Simply because the engine is not "officially announced" does not mean they are not working on said game. The engine in fact is well underway, as it would be of course, and the game is also well underway.

By Next Gen Consoles they do not mean a brand new lot of machines, but the use of different CPU/GPU's in these machines which will give their new engine great flexibility.

The unified CPU/GPU in the Xbox platform is said to be the start of the Next-gen Xbox, and will be including the Natal hardware into the unit. Which is also well underway. The name of that motherboard is Valhalla.

skagrerrrr3774d ago

no gears of war 3 for me

Saaking3773d ago

Wow, another comment deleted for no reason. There WAS an article a few days ago saying Gears 3 would come out next gen. That was a FACT. I then said that was a good thing since if it came out right now (unless it was a PS3 or PC exclusive) it would not be able to outdo Gears 2 (look at Gears to Gears 2 comparison and you'll see). How is that trolling or bashing or insulting?

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822119863774d ago

will be bloody awesome...

100003774d ago


Halo3 MLG Pro3774d ago

Well of course. It's the most successful new IP that came out this generation.

ShabzS3774d ago

its ONE OF the most successful ip's to come out this gen... definitely

Anon19743774d ago

I didn't think there was any argument about that. Others might have point to some other IP's as potentially being better games and could probably make a good argument but if you're talking critical acclaim AND sales, there's no other new IP that comes close to my knowledge.

SuperStrokey11233774d ago

I guess if you dont count modern warfare as "new" (i wouldnt) then I would agree with it being the most successful. What else even comes close?

Karum3774d ago

Maybe not in terms of sales but I think Uncharted certainly comes close in terms of critical acclaim...the first game maybe not so much but the franchise overall surely does.

Personally I just think it's awesome that there have been a few awesome new ip's across pc/ps3/360 over the last few years., looking forward to their sequels and hopefully even more awesome new ip's.

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Microsoft Xbox 3603774d ago

Expect another downgrade bots.

nix3774d ago

doesn't everyone know this?

if GeOW comes as a strategy game then, it would have been worthy of rumour. would be even a bigger rumour story if it went multiplatform that is PS3, not PC.

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