Shift: Why Wii will win

From : "The Nintendo Wii has surprised a lot of people, generating loads of buzz from its strange name, unique controller, and low price point. But are those things enough to topple the monster consoles from Microsoft and Sony? An admittedly underpowered machine, Nintendo has taken a very risky path, ignoring gamers' cries for cranked specs and flashy graphics, instead going after casual gamers and focusing on what made people gamers in the first place: fun. Will this risky strategy pay off, and will the Wii succeed in the face of super-charged, high-priced competition? For a number of reasons I think the answer is a definite yes."

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Optimus Prime6527d ago

some people will be disappointed, really, after a day of work, i dont think many people want to wave their arms around, and moving around all the time. it will appeal to younger kids probably. not me though

mikeeno76527d ago

The Wii will not win. People's image of Nintendo (with their consoles) has been seriously shaken. Obviously, the majority of 'casual gamers' care more about next generation graphics because the fact is Playstation and xbox both outsold Gamecibe. A wrong move, and the knockout finisher for Nintendo in their console world. Their handhelds will always dominate however.

Balance6527d ago

not to mention everyone in the last few years have come to view nintendo as the "kiddie" system. which are true, watching mario throw turtles at things over and over again just isn't for anyone over 10 or 12, sooner or later you want to shoot something.

Marriot VP6527d ago (Edited 6527d ago )

this is such a joke. The wii will never win anywhere but Japan, and that's still very hard to do. First think of the cost at 250, the 360 will drop down to there in no time so it's a no brainer for consumers who can get so so so much more.

-Price doesn't help them anymore
-Known and has too many kiddy games
-Fanbase is shrinking, it's about time
-The ergonomics of waving a remote isn't anything more than a passing fancy that'll get old real fast
-And finally the Wii won't last long term because of the non-HD and mediocre games...etc

wakkiwakko6527d ago (Edited 6527d ago )

Have a thought... will ya?

Nintendo fan base is growing. Even more so now than ever. DS has given millions of people the opportunity to enjoy games once again. And what's that? Nintendo not winning anything? According to every legitimate source out there... Nintendo has beaten Sony in the handheld world. Graphics don’t sell games. Well… maybe to inexperienced kids.

Nintendo knows that people don't just want graphics, but they also want games. Nintendo may not deliver HD graphics, but it won't deliver 87' graphics either. There's nothing wrong with that. If you believe that graphics = gameplay (as does Sony) then go ahead and waste money on a dead product. Yes. PS3 is dead.

It may come out this year. And it may be the next best thing out there. But developers don’t support it. The consumer doesn’t support it. Retailers don’t support it. It’s a Sega Dreamcast of Next Generation gaming.

Wii will be a cheap console. It will give gamers a new way of enjoying games and NO, not every single game will have you swinging arms. There is the Wiired control. Wii has GCN controller slots.

The first games (launch titles) will be the ones that will have you experiencing every single possible inch the Wii has to offer.

So yes. The Wii has won. World wide. Just like Sony won with the PSP. Hahahahaa. God. What a poor product that was!

Marriot VP6526d ago

you haven't said anything but Nintendo marketing fuzzy thoughts. My point is that Wii WON'T be a cheap console because the 360 will drop it's price. The wii's at 250$ and the core right now is less than 300$. That's before they're price drop which is inevitable this year.

The problem is your not thinking long term or on a broad base. I'm definately not saying the PS3 will win worldwide because I don't think it will, but the Wii won't either. I'm not a fanboy that's just how it's going to be.

Yah not everythings graphics...well duh it isn't. But its the most important by far. The problem is how many people actually like Nintendo games on a console, not a handheld because their incredibly different platforms. Console you want power, handheld you want mobility.

The wii will just be nothing more than a 2 year market fling that will only do good in the first year.

wakkiwakko6526d ago

The wii will be a cheap console. The 250$ price mark is just a rumour that’s circulating on the internet. Nothing has been approved by Nintendo. So you can’t say it’ll cost 250$. Also the xbox price won’t drop within the next 4 months, so the wii will still be a cheap new gen console out there. And people will buy it.

As for the race… there isn’t one. Nintendo is releasing a console to the public, not to show of that they are better than their competitors. It’s for the gamers to decide. They’ve chosen game play over graphics in the handheld realm… they might just do that in the console realm. I mean is it hard to believe that Nintendo has more fans than xbox and ps2 put together?

And Sony is now in a deadly slump. They want to finish the console before the official release. They are rushing it. Wii has been in production since March (or even sooner). Nintendo are completely ready for a world wide release. Sony will have the same problems xbox had when 360 first came out. And that’s that the consoles will die on gamers within a six month period. That’s what happens then you put quantity over quality. Nintendo is all about quality.

The graphics? Look at GCN compared to ps2 and xbox. GCN has more graphical strength than those two systems. Look at several high ranked games on the GCN and look at high ranked games on the ps2 and xbox. Graphically, GCN beats them hands down. Now look at the wii, it’s an upgraded GCN so the graphics will be better/sharper/stronger. It comes with a bucket load of features. It has a strong support from developers/retailers/consumers . What more do you need?

Only thing that the PS3 and X360 have that the wii won’t have are the high def graphics. And honestly… that doesn’t sell consoles. Games sell consoles. Nintendo has a large line-up of lunch titles that will sell the console.

Marriot VP6526d ago

you've got to understand that the 250 price assumption is because the Wii's coming with so many accessories like the premium 360.

I wish I could find the link that tells what all comes with the Wii. It's like a headset, memory card, remote, console, and something else.

wakkiwakko6526d ago (Edited 6526d ago )

Yes. But Nintendo is not in a race to compete in the console world. They just want to release a console to the people. They can sell it for 200 and make sure that their price will never reduce. So as ps3 and x360 prices drop, the wii will remain as a constant. 250 seems high. Doesn’t matter what it comes with. DS has a lot of features too and it’s cheap. Cheaper than PSP. And Nintendo are making a steady profit from it. They can afford to release a cheap console with all the bells and whistles. As long as it sells. If Nintendo were worried that their console wouldn't sell… then they’d release it with a high price just so they’ll make enough profit to stay out of red. But wii will sell and Nintendo knows that.

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PS Sucks6527d ago (Edited 6527d ago )

Well where do i start. I know, the fool who talks about "casual gamers" wanting next generation graphics. Listen you retard, if it was graphics people wanted then the gamecube would have came in second to the XBOX. In case you didnt know i will tell you. THE GAMECUBE HAS MORE POWER THAN THE PS2. An extremely good example of this is Resident Evil 4 the PS2 cant even dish out the amount of textures the Gamecube can. And to the other 2 fools, "the Gamecube is a "Kiddie system?" you must not be aware of the games that have been out for the GC for some time now. Since when did a game like resident evil 4 where you shoot people and make them explode become kiddie? And in fact i think the PS2 may have about 2 time as much "Kiddie" games as GC. And the only fact that the PS2 has more games is because of the fact that more than half of them are total crap. And finally to the guy who said people would be to tired to use the controller. If your to to "tired"(LAZY) to use the controller then buy the other one that is like a classic controller.

At least wakkiwakko knows the facts.

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