Halo: Reach to Feature ODST Characters

Halo: Reach will be formally unveiled to the world on Satuday during the VGA ceremony. Bungie will debut in-game footage of the hot title and share some information with everyone on this major Xbox 360 exclusive.

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N4PS3G3774d ago

Buck was cool i guess

SasanovaS19873774d ago

i dont understand how these developers claims 1 thing, then you get the same shi7 in a different package, and call it willing to bet no serious changes will be made in reach, but they will tell you so just to make it another reason for consumers to buy it...good game or not, i assure you theres gonna be nothing new about reach other then another tacked on expansion of the halo universe, with a side mission made into a main story...but just like ODST, they figure anything with halo can sell at full price so reach will be the same...why the hell would they work hard for something that sells without any reason or logic on consumers part...that kind of state of mind will keep giving you half decent titles at full price over and over again

Bnet3433774d ago

I don't think Buck and the rest of the ODST gang were alive when the Battle of Reach occurred. They are talkin' bout other ODST's maybe?

Megan Fox3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

@ SasanovaS1987

So what is it that you want a Halo game with Kratos in it, perhaps Solid Snake. its obvious the game will have similarities with the other, because its set in the same universe. You people just like to [email protected] about everything.

SixZeroFour3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

@SasanovaS1987 - so your wondering why they are bringing in the same characters when its in a specific universe (halo universe)? thats like saying why do they keep using kratos in a GoW game, always spitting out the same thing

@kigmal - actually, before odst came out, there was this little live action teaser thingy online where you could see an interviewing of the 3 of the odst characters (real unknown actors) and bios of the characters...buck and romeo (i think it was romeo) were in fact survivors of the battle of reach

edit: this was the "thingy" i was talking about, but i guess i got the "being survivors of the battle of reach" from somewhere else...ill try to remember

edit 2: i guess it was just buck that was at the battle of reach...straight from

THE MAX SPEED 213774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

man why do Metal Gear games all Feature characters from the universe and Snake?

Anon19743774d ago

I have a friend that's going to lend it to me on our break between semesters. I'm looking forward to giving this a play through.

Anon19743774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Or is the disagree because I want to play it? Do I really not want to play it and I'm just fooling myself? Really, if you disagree, how about an explanation as to why every now and then.

I'm a little confused by the disagree my last statement got me. I'm probably not the first person to notice this but people really don't hesitate to jam the disagree button, and probably the bubble down button, without the slightest provocation, do they?

Nac3773d ago

You know the fall of Reach only happened like two to three months before Halo 3, right?

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FiftyFourPointTwo3774d ago

Great! A reunion of the most generic video game characters ever created. Bots will surely love this.

Serjikal_Strike3774d ago

That show till this day looks better than any Halo game ...and Reach!

chrisulloa3774d ago

>Generic Characters
>Nathan Drake = Indiana Jones
>Killzone / Resistance = Every Call of Duty character ever

Oh what? That's all the exclusive main characters anyone cares about? LOL

TheBlackSmoke3774d ago

Lol Nathan drake has more personality than every video game character combined.

The 360 only has two franchises and both main characters are space marines.... boooooooring.

3774d ago
ZombieAutopsy3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

master chief can never live up to his father

Obama3774d ago

lol the 360 exclusives don't have any character that have more personality than Nate.

chrisulloa3774d ago

Shepherd, all the L4D1 and 2 characters, and Master Chief would all like to respectfully decline. They all have more interesting stories and personalities than Nathan Drake.

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BlackIceJoe3774d ago

It is not really a shock to hear there would be ODSTs in Halo Reach. Because if you read the book Fall of Reach ODSTs were talked about in the book. So to me ODSTs are cool and think it is great that ODSTs will be in Halo Reach.

Bnet3433774d ago

I need to get those damn books. I just never have time to read books ... too much gaming :P

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