12 Great Video Games With Ridiculous Premises

Video gamers have consistently demanded one thing from their hobby: entertainment. Beyond that, we don't much care what inane task we're asked to complete. Give us a crystal banana, call it a power-up, and we'll gladly leap over a robot octopus to grab it, even if it means risking a slice of our life pie.

Find out which oldies made the list.

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PS360WII4745d ago

You are a robot built from the ground up for combat by the world’s greatest living mind, and yet you are four feet tall and incapable of ducking or using any weapons other than a tiny, slow-moving pellet of energy.

Heck ya!

ItsDubC4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

lol, is this guy serious?

*sigh* This is why teachers don't allow internet citations.

TaylorB4745d ago

Half the games they list didn't involve Mario.

'Wow guys, an Italian Plumber, too zany! Haha, look! Italian Plumber and a Monkey! Italian Plumber and... uhh... mushrooms! Haha! Guys.... hey, guys? Where are you going, don't you like my list?'

Sure, it definitely deserves a spot. But what about games like Worms? Bubble Bobble?

PS360WII4745d ago

He did kind of give a quick hits of others

-A yellow circle devours pills and fruit in order to kill ghosts.

-A mad bomber deposits his deadly payload near combustible bricks, hoping to uncover roller skates, hands, boots, and flames.

-Two dinosaurs blow bubbles around cave monsters.

-A lone earth ship must stop a fleet of alien invaders using only horizontal movement, a single pellet gun, and the ability to hide behind disintegrating pyramids. Luckily, the aliens are retarded and descend towards Earth a single step at a time.

-A sentient marble tries to navigate a treacherous course.

-A jouster mounted on a flying ostrich competes with a rival above a lava-filled pit for golden eggs.

-A family travels to Oregon.