The race for low-cost HD players

Sony recently lowered the price of its upcoming HD Blu-ray player, to $499.00. Though Sony claimed that this was due to lower productions costs for Blu-ray related parts, it is clearly a response to Toshiba's $100.00 rebate, which appears to have injected a lot of life into HD-DVD player sales. In the first week, Toshiba experienced gains that were 5-10 times the sales rates prior to the rebate program.

Clearly, price matters in home electronics, which isn't a revolutionary concept. The fastest selling game console right now is the Wii, which just so happens to be the lowest-cost next generation console you can buy, as $250.00. Sony still sells stacks of PS2 devices at $129.00 a pop, a console that swims in a sea of games created by that consoles past success, all of which are compatible with the PS2 (not so much the PS3). As HD TVs have sunk well below the $1000.00 mark sales have improved dramatically (though Standard Definition sets are still far and away the most common).

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Mighty Boom4744d ago

Its a direct reaction to Toshibas decision to put a HD drive into their laptops. Nice try but your going to need a lot more to compete will 10 million HD drives in 09.

macalatus4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

"Sony still sells stacks of PS2 devices at $129.00 a pop, a console that swims in a sea of games created by that consoles past success, all of which are compatible with the PS2 (not so much the PS3)."

Okay, I hope he's not including NA and Japan. Because if he does, he then truly needs to do his homework.

DiLeCtioN4744d ago

i got one n is getting good games this year. lpb,hs,mgs4 etc

dale14744d ago

game stores which has in excess of 400 plus in uk dont stock hd dvd only blu ray why it dont sell for s**t

blackmagic4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

error post, please ignore.

closedxxx4744d ago

Blu Ray is the superior format, we all know that, but the cheaper production cost of HD DVDs and their players is the only real advantage that HD DVD has over Blu Ray.

When it comes to movies, buth formats are capable of delivering full length movies + extras in HD.

Sony had the right idea by putting a Blu Ray player in the PS3, but the price of the PS3 is still more than the cheapest HD DVD player, so as long as HD DVD is still fighting, the PS3 will not reach it's full sales potential.

With HD DVD out of the game, most people who are "in the know" would scramble for a PS3 as an affordable HD movie player.

Close_Second4744d ago

I don't support either format (yet) and am wondering why its better?

My understanding is that Blu-Ray can pack an extra 5GB more onto its media than a triple layer HD-DVD disc. However, from a movie perspective what's actually taking up 45GB let alone 50GB?

calderra4744d ago

HD-DVD standalone players still outsell BluRay standalones. The only reason BluRay movies sell more is exclusively because of PS3. HD-DVD would be winning the war right now due to price alone, again if not for PS3. So BluRay isn't winning anything.

And what's taking up all that space? Nothing. Lots of HD-DVD movies, in fact, pack standard-def extras for no reason at all, so neither format is being fully utilized in most cases.

blackmagic4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

Close second, to answer your question, Blu-Ray (BD) is the better format if bulk data storage is your thing but HD-DVD (HD) is the better format for film delivery.

30GB is enough for over 4 hours of 1080p video which is enough for any movie.

HD has more mandatory audio support (Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus) which is only optional on BD.

HD has Thomson's Film grain technology to counter the negative effects of compression on film grain. BD has no such technology.

Online functionality is mandatory for HD, optional for BD.

HD is region free, BD up to 3 regions.

BD incorporates more Digital Rights Management which I consider a negative.

BD does have better hardware backers but LG, Samsung and Pioneer are all bringing dual-format players to market.

Bd does have better Studio support but as shown by the next two links, it's not as significant as some will have you believe because of the sheer size of Universal and even less advantage if you consider the support of the pornography industry as a factor.


Wow, I really feel like a broken record bringing up these points again and again but people keep making the "Blu-Ray is superior" statements without actually going out there to research their claims.

Now having said all that, I am a realist and it seems overwhemingly likely that Dual-Format Players will become the defacto standard. Both sides are simply dug in to deeply for any other possibility. Anyone that ONLY has an HD-DVD player or 360 with add-on or Blu-Ray Player or PS3 is simply depriving themselves, they are essentially screwed.

edit: Calderra, I would say that more stand-alone Blu-Ray players would have probably sold if ps3 didn't bundle it. Some poeple bought the ps3 as a movie player exclusively.

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