5 things Sony needs to do to save the PS3

Things are looking tough for Sony: redundancies, missed shipment targets, poor financial results; so what's a giant mega-corporation to do? Take advice from bloggers, of course:

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snoop_dizzle4747d ago

from what they said, I'm surprised that they are a Playstation only site.

Coffin874747d ago

what a bullf*ck...

seriously, who on earth needs this rubbish articles??

gano4747d ago

feed the article you help support the talk, leave be.

dodgefate4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

what is the deal with all these "10 things so can do" or "5 things" they are getting as old as the romurs about MGS & FF move on for crying out load.

We all know sony can do things to up there sales we all have are own Ideas so why post the same words an things just put in dif. ways.

5 things microsoft needs to do to save xbox:

- Find way to fix the disc scratching
- Find way to fix ring of death (everyones fav.)
- Don't go with the idea of make a new console every 2 years
- Stop trying to force xbox owners to have or somehow be one with vista
- Stop charging for every little thing

These are not flames these are real problems xbox has that no one every talks about an when someone does fanboys come in an b!tch about how they are not true an deny any of it.

I own both x360 & ps3 an from what I can see BOTH consoles have a lot of problems an needed to be fixed or changed but making dumb posts every few days wont change anything.

atomheart4747d ago

No one was talking about the 360. The article didn't talk about the 360. Why are you?

Microsoft is beating the pants off of Sony because they made better moves, or rather, they made less bad ones than Sony.

Try, if you can, to put your bias aside and talk about Sony. That's what this article was about, and discussing what's wrong with the 360 in a thread about the PS3 smacks of fanboy-ness. Seriously.

dodgefate4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

Did you even read what I said or the article


nothing but a reworded copy of what was said in the 5 articles about "10 things sony can do to change ps3" an being a fanboy about what I said shows because all you thought I said was xbox suks.

Well if you even took the time to read what I said then you would see there are things xboxs needs to fix as well I said nothing about who is winning what so ever so pull you mouth from microsofts tit an read the full thing next time.

Kleptic4747d ago

hahah should have known that ownership has nothing to do with being able to express your opinions...If you own a 360 and are not happy with it, you still can't say anything...without being branded a Sony fanboy...If you are unhappy with your PS3 and you say it...people are like "yeah you should be"...but never ever under any circumstances bring up YOUR 360 and what you don't like about it...especially in a thread that your owning both puts up a slight defense for this article...

gta_cb4747d ago

nicely said.

@ dodgefate

well about your comment (#4) just got to say yeh we all know what can be done to help with all the consoles, but the thing that gets my attention is that a PS3 only site has posted this, also just wanna say why do you bring up the things about the Xbox 360? we are not talking about it, and well like you have said in your report

"this is talked about 100 of times but put in dif words not anything new"

so why not just leave it and ignore this thread

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DiLeCtioN4747d ago

this article should have been reported

wolfgang4747d ago

its has been reported but people clicked "approve" anyway.

gta_cb4747d ago

well from what i have seen only dodgefate has pressed report, so that means that more people thinks that this should be approved, and i for one think that this is actually quite interesting that a PS3 only site has said these points.

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