Medal of Honor arrives October 29, 2010

CC: The Medal of Honor reboot title has been given a release date of October 29, 2010, according to the games listing in Amazon.

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Sarcasm3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

It's going to be them vs the next Treyarch COD.

For some reason I hope they bring something really fresh to the table.

I'm tired of the COD formula by now.

THE MAX SPEED 213774d ago

That's far. I bet a new COD will be announced by then and everybody will be hyped for the new COD instead.

SuperM3774d ago

Im way more hyped for this then another Treyarch COD

RockmanII73774d ago

If anything, Halo Reach will be the one killing this games hype.

Pumbli3774d ago

As a former Medal of Honor fan (before the series became lame) I must say I'm hyped for this. It's been long since I was last hyped for a MoH game.

Even though this will be high on my list of games to get I'll must likely buy the next Treyarch CoD too. Sure they kinda copy IW but hey, if it isn't broken don't fix it.

mxrider23774d ago

wasn't MoH before CoD correct me if im wrong...

Pumbli3774d ago

Indeed, MoH hit shelves 4 years before CoD, I also liked MoH way more then Call of Duty up until CoD4, then I totally shifted to CoD.

I might turn back to MoH if this one turns out to be as good as the old ones... Ah, Allied Assault... How I miss you. Plus I'm getting a bit tired of the CoD games, CoD4 was awesome, CoDWaW was great, but MW2 just left me wanting more... I guess I'll be getting more with Bad Company 2 and the new MoH next year. :D

Bring on 2010 baby!

lh_swe3774d ago

Sure it might be good but as far as modern warfare is concerned I'm set with MW2 for some time to come and considering my whole year is overflowing with games this is probably not going to make my list.

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