Tiger Woods' "Extramarital Affairs" May Hurt His Video Game

It's never a good thing when you see someone on top do something that causes their image to come crashing down, this time it's the activity of mega-golfing superstar Tiger Woods, and his extramarital affairs with multiple different women. The impact this has on his relationship with EA Sports is unknown, has requested an official statement from the video game publishing juggernaut (as well as Tiger's PR camp.

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Valkyrie833775d ago

Anyone who ever said it sucks to be Tiger Woods must be eating their words right now.....

Guido3774d ago

The release of a new version every year is. You can only do so much with Golf and IMHO they need to take a year off and reboot the franchise. It's boring these days.

tdrules3775d ago

youre implying he physically makes his own games and puts enough input in these days
(he doesnt)

UltimaEnder3775d ago

I don't think that is what the article is implying; obviously image changes everything - having an affair wouldn't affect how you "develop" a video game but it could affect how EA approaches his contract or future titles.....

iceman063774d ago

With the amount that this game sells in comparison to how much they actually spend on the game's development...I highly doubt that it will change any contract negotiations. At most, EA might keep a lower profile on using Tiger as the commercial spokesperson. He should be MORE worried about Gatorade and Buick (although I think that contract was never renewed)! Those are the corporations that usually cut and run. His videogame will probably sell just as normal.

jakethesnake3774d ago

Good time for EA to negotiate a contract with Tiger. Save them some coin since his reputation will probably bounce somewhat back in the end and I doubt EA is planning on dropping Tiger. Seriously, most people probably couldn't name a second golfer.

Blackmoses3775d ago

if they include a mini game within the game...........

rob60213774d ago

But if you're playing as tiger, you can only choose blonds - to maintain the realism.

user39158003774d ago

Im glad he got cot. Another worthless soul-less individual with the image of a God lol........... Reminds me of the PS3 fandroids always getting cot with their pants down.

grantps33775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

lol @ above.

i have hated tiger woods for years......these past few weeks have been great.

not that cheating is good at all, but its especialy bad because he has a little kid.

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The story is too old to be commented.