Join the Battle with the "Shadowrun" demo, Rooster Teeth video and fan site kit

With Lineage mercenaries coming from every direction to take control of the artifact, you need all the tools you can get to protect the assets of RNA Corporation. We are always looking for more talent to add to our pool and we're also interested in keeping our employees happy. These needs have led us to create several tools to help recruit others to joining RNA and for current employees to have a place to unwind with their coworkers. Remember: Referrals equal bonuses!

For those Xbox 360 users who still need to familiarize themselves with the battle between the Lineage and RNA Corporation, the "Shadowrun" Xbox 360 demo is now available on Xbox LIVE®. The "Shadowrun" demo will provide only a glimpse of what makes this title so innovative, including one map, PowerStation, and limited races, tech and magic. Gamers will still have the opportunity to sharpen their deadly combinations in three training chapters and the ability to play both against bots and in public matches.

Additionally, our friends at Rooster Teeth have put together their own informational video and support line for "Shadowrun," which can be seen at, Xbox LIVE Marketplace, and* Keep these sites bookmarked for upcoming videos in the series.

Everything you need to start your own "Shadowrun" fan site is available online – Web site interface components, screenshots, desktop wallpapers, and Web-ready artwork. Jack in and download to your heart's content at Fan site webmasters are encouraged to register their fan site for official inclusion on the "Shadowrun" site in the forums at Please feel free to download and redistribute the fan site kit on your own site for your readers.

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AcidRhain4737d ago

can't wait to play this before I buy it.