Assassin's Creed Dated

According to 1UP, The release date for Assassins's Creed has been announced.

It will be released this November for the PS3, 360 and PC.


As said below, there is no specific date announced, but a release 'window' has been stated.

Hopefully this will clear up all questions regarding the exact date.

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Aquanox4746d ago (Edited 4746d ago )

I posted this one First, but it was reported as old, pointing to this article.

However, if you check the posting times, mine was posted 5 Minutes BEFORE.


Somebody please check it out.

closedxxx4746d ago

The story got posted. Doesn't really matter who submitted it.

BlackIceJoe4746d ago

ARCHAIC I agree with you does it really matter who sent in the news. But I think Aquanox was just saying He wants his points for putting in the info. But really does it really matter if you get the points or not.

Sexius Maximus4746d ago

He's probably just shooting for this months $500 prize from N4G. Give em' hell Aquanox!!!

tonsoffun4746d ago

actually, I edited some of the text, but my original story was submitted before yours.

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Khann4746d ago

Oooo... interesting. Now if only I had a half decent PC, a 360, or a Ps3... hmm...

Sangheili854746d ago

Well thats good to hear. This holiday session has to many games. It's going to make me broke.

Odion4746d ago

November seems to be the month of new IP's, hopefull with all the great games coming Haze will be forgotten.

Ya sue me I really hate how much this game is getting when not one person has played it yet

Eclipticus4746d ago

oh finally its dated. but why the rum. i mean november. its so far away.

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The story is too old to be commented.