Jaffe hints at God of War 3

David Jaffe, lead video game designer of God of War and Twisted Metal: Black notoriety has indicated that God of War may eventually become a trilogy of games.

Via his blog, the outspoken developer said that 'God of War 2', a PlayStation 2 exclusive, is coming together "very, very nicely".

"I played a bunch of levels last week and it's really, really fun. The art and music is much better than the first game and there is some damn fine level design going on in the new game," he wrote, before adding, "As Cory and I have said to the press, this is the second act of a bigger story."

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TheXgamerLive6170d ago

There has to be a ps3 before there can be a version but a ported version would be good I guess. You'd have slightly better visuals but is it worth buying if you already have it, NO!
I mean delay's delay's delay's, when are you really going to see a working ps3 and it's actually playing a game and not a hidden XBOX 360 or a PC playing it. When will the bottlenecking issues be resolved and when will yields become acceptable and when will the delay's on bluray be resolved?? I'd love to see the ps3 come out b/c there'd be more competition and designers would try harder to be the best. Nintendo Wii will help in that arena but it's still a youths platform so it will do little but still..........

Siesser6170d ago (Edited 6170d ago )

First, to stay on topic, I loved God of War. Thought it was a whole lot of fun, and the length didn't bother me too much. Can't wait for two, and they'd better make three (although hopefully they can sell copies of two like a "blocksbuster" should be sold).

Now for my first ranting on this site :-P

Is it at all possible for a piece of PS3 news to come out without it immediately being pounced upon and criticized? I'm well aware that everyone's free to share their opinions, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to. Over time, it becomes evident that certain people dislike certain consoles. But all this says is "God of War 2's shaping up well; a third may arrive on the PS3."

How can that possibly be worth someone's time to insult? It's just a statement. It's not an attack, it's not being glorified as some greatest game ever . . . just a statement. Today, I did something I've NEVER done before . . . I clicked that little "Xbox 360" tab up there, and went over to foreign territory. I went through the system-specific news posts on the site, and saw it a very peaceful land indeed. Everyone was talking about the games or the news. People were getting along, having friendly banter, and productive conversation. The first thing I noticed was there were no PS fans over there harassing anyone or invoking their rights to share their opinion. The second thing I noticed is that Xbox is getting a Zegapain game, which I hope sells well (love the series).

Anyways, all this was probably for naught, and I'll most likely recieve some sort of bad feedback from someone, but I can't help it. Tis my nature to advocate peace :-)

TheXgamerLive6170d ago

I just want sony to finish the damned machine before spreading more crap to it's followers, it has potential but it seems there letting it go to waste. I really hate sony for that. I mean delay the damned machine for a year if you have to but fix it's bugs first, there's just too many.
And uhmm yes, peace on you too, lol, I mean with you. "just a joke"

Siesser6170d ago

Trust me, I want the system done and on the market as soon as possible too; but without flaws and rushing. Both my PS1 and PS2 performed perfectly, and now that I'm planning on dropping $600, I'd rather it be "done" before it's "out." No rushing Sony!

kingboy6170d ago

can`t wait this bad boy to hit ps3

achira6170d ago (Edited 6170d ago )

#2 you are so right, we know who starts the war all the time on the ps3 section.

#1: sony delayed nothing. the first official annauncment on the launch of the ps3 is the 17. november. noone said ever that the ps3 will launch in the usa before november. what you are commenting are rumours, and for this you cant blame sony.

TheXgamerLive6170d ago

Sony announced an official release for spring 2006 just not a day.And this is only one of many many things and you would know this and do know this if you werent like pavlov's dog. Fetch sony boy fetch...
Again, just having fun, seriously I hope sony is able to release this year as we need the extra competition from the game companies to push the envelope and not just settle or even just port. It's all good in the end.

THE TRUTH6170d ago

"Anyways, all this was probably for naught, and I'll most likely recieve some sort of bad feedback from someone, but I can't help it. Tis my nature to advocate peace :-)"

** after an awsome post from Kevmac83 **

we STILL get .....

"Sony announced an official release for spring 2006 just not a day.And this is only one of many many things and you would know this and do know this if you werent like pavlov's dog. Fetch sony boy fetch..."

Even if you were just playing, you can keep the name calling out of it.

If you didn't catch on to Sony plan than I will clue you in. They said spring launch to bait M$ to rush their system out early (which worked) and caused M$ not to get the HD DVD format installed and produced a horrible launch with shortages allover and a lackluster launch- lineup

Siesser6170d ago

Thanks for the approval Achira and Truth, but I have to agree that, although they didn't announce a date, Sony did encourage everyone to believe that the PS3 was arriving spring of this year. Was it a baiting attempt to force Microsoft's hand? Seems like it, as the system and games were nowhere near finished when the season arrived.

And in my previous post, I by no means meant to give the Sony fans a free pass. You'll find plenty of mudslinging from that side as well, although it does seem to be predominantly retaliatory.

achira6170d ago

xgamer give me a proof that sony stated that the ps3 launches in the spring in the usa. i bet you will even not find that they announced it for japan.

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bloop6170d ago

Well, God of War 3 was inevitable. Sony weren't going to finish GoW on the PS2, but, I still think they should have just gone and made 2 for the PS3. I think it was a bit of a blunder for Sony. GoW2 would have shifted a lot of PS3's and they could have ported it to PS2 after. Anyways, looking forward to the next installment.

achira6170d ago

no i think they should not make it like ms. they have many ps2 fans !!! they should not cut the support for the ps2 and develop all the games now for the ps3 (ps2 is not dead and they should support it).


frankly i think sony are crazy to not make this a PS3 launch title, it would have made the sony fans so happy!

i just don't get sony. their moves make no sense.

Siesser6169d ago (Edited 6169d ago )

The decision's based on thier desire to maintain two platforms at once. As with the PS1, their goal is to have a ten year life span with they system. This will be a reason for people to keep playing and investing in PS2, along with Okami, God Hand, and the Guitar Hero games.

I personally would prefer it on PS3, but as long as the third game in the trilogy is in the works, might as well let them take their time and make it the best, most system-pushing game they can put together.

Besides, the game's not even going to be ready by the PS3's launch. I'm sure the PS3 version would have taken even longer, so I doubt "launch title" is a possibility.

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