PS3 Tops Most Wanted Games List

According to PCN, The most wanted list in Japan's Famitsu magazine is dominated by PS3 titles showing promise for the future.

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MK_Red4738d ago

While the artice says PS3 tops the list, it is Nintendo thats dominatig most of top spots.

tehcellownu4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

no crap sherlock..their are talkin about the ps3 is most wanted list so people probaly is waitin for a price drop to own the ps3 and the great title to be release..

@odion- And the japanese people is goin to buy the ps3 version

Odion4738d ago

except that RE5, DMC4, LO, ES, and halo 3 are also coming to the 360, and for now we won't take into account rumors of games going to other platforms cause they are just rumors

Rockstar4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Let's not forget the Japanese don't want a 360, so these titles, even though some are multi-platform will sell PS3's as opposed to 360's.

EDIT: I think you're misinterpreting what I am saying.
All I'm saying is 360 sales are terrible in Japan, and I know PS3 sales aren't a whole lot better either.

With that said, those Japanese still sitting on the fence and waiting are more likely waiting to buy a PS3 to play the multi-platform titles and they also get the exclusives.

Japan belongs to sony/nintendo I don't think thats a big secret.

Sangheili854738d ago

And lets not forget those titles will sale great over here seeing there are more 360's then PS3. I know i want them!

Xi4738d ago

360 games sell better than ps3 games, even in japan. Just look at the software sales in media create's top 30. Which has had more titles in the top 30, and which system has sold more games.

genericname4738d ago

and lets not forget to add lets not forget to all replies.

WoundedMoon4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

"which system has sold more games." That question (is it a question? I don't see a question mark) should be fallowed by "and which system has been on the market 3 times longer than any other of the present gen?"

Some of these comments are quite out of touch with the subject. As tehcellownu pointed out, were not talking about current sales, were talking about most wanted lists. Words on paper, not real sales yet. It just shows that many think there will be reason to buy a PS3 in the future.

Delive4738d ago

The PS3 has outsold the 360 in Japan for a while, surpassing total sales within a few weeks of it's release, but the attach rate of PS3 games is below 360 in Japan, going off of this month alone, not only because the system has been out longer. More PS3s, but the owners are not buying games (Waiting on good ones or using it other than a gaming system?).

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r10004738d ago

I wonder if Folklore/folksoul is even on the list.. doesn't that game come out like 3 weeks for them...

Odion4738d ago

i just checked the most update list Folklore isn't on it it maybe on the list this week

nobizlikesnowbiz4738d ago

PS3's most wanted games--

Halo 3
Too Human
Mass Effect

You guys want them don't deny it.

Rockstar4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

As a PS3 owner the only one of those I want is Bioshock, the others I could care less about.

No biggie, i'll buy a 360 in due time.

@ Wurwag - I'm still sticking with Bioshock only.

Saint Sony4738d ago

You forgot these ;)

Blue Dragon
Alan Wake
Next Splinter Cell

Delive4738d ago

Halo 3 is about it. It's a shame, I bought an Xbox for Halo and will probably get another 360 for Halo 3. 1st 360 was traded for a Wii.

Firewire4738d ago

Funny, I don't see Sony fans making fake letters about MGS. Or trying to rehash articles on what a blank page really means! And to boot you xbots can't even get your facts straight. The PS3 is killing the 360 in Japan! Go look at the numbers, its been out not even a third of the time, and it's out sold the 360 big time.
You little xbots think you can judge Sony now! Not one franchise AAA game has come out yet for the PS3, thats why its attach rate is low! But I don't expect a bunch of whinny little kids to understand. You little xbots are better off not talking. Its clear you know nothing about gaming just the bull that M$ feeds you! Get a Life! Get a PS3!

nobizlikesnowbiz4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Firewire I couldnt read your comment through all of the smoke generated by your blind flaming. Maybe re-post, but think before you do it?

Lol I actually could read it and.....PS3 killing 360 in thats a surprise. Funny though the Wii is selling 5-1 over PS3 in Japan. Japanese buy Japanese products you dumb douche. Why do you hate xbox so much. I dont hate ps3. I'll buy one if it comes out with some good games and lowers the price point. thats why i dont own one...its not worth the money.

4737d ago
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