Rumour: Target to discontinue the GBA

Kotaku have recieved a tip from a Target insider that "all GameBoy Advance stock is being listed as discontinued and that all backstock in storage rooms is to be sent to the floor and sold."

So is this the beginning of the end for the GBA?

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omansteveo4743d ago

I wouldnt be surprised Nintendo is going to move full steam ahead with the DS

nobizlikesnowbiz4743d ago

i might go to the store and pick up a cheap GBA.i doubt i will though as im not much of a handheld gamer. i own a psp and rarely touch it.

TheExodus4743d ago

But it's outselling the PS3 & takes up a helluva lot less shelf space.

ItsDubC4743d ago

Actually, the latest NPD data indicates that the PS3 is slightly outselling the GBA.

Antan4743d ago

Ive made music for many GBA games and this is a shame, but DS is the new kiddy on the block and will be for a good number of years.

BlackIceJoe4743d ago

I have to say I think this is a smart move. The DS has proven that people want that system over GB. Plus the DS can play GB games so if you really want them you can still play them. So why would target want to sell a system that they know if they take out of the store will push more DS sales and at the same time bring them more money. So I think this is a smart move.

Also on another note over the past couple of weeks I have seen less shipments of GB systems at Ebgames/Gamestop. So may be this is not just Target but a plan for every where. To me I really do not see the down side of taking out GB systems. Because why would any one want a Gameboy micro when for only 20 more dollars you can get a DS that can do more. At least I think that way.

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