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mephman4217d ago

It looks like they've done a Square Enix.

somekyle4217d ago

Bahahaah, yeah! That's hilarious xD.

kratos1234217d ago

2 bad but no problem im glad to share

Bungie4217d ago (Edited 4217d ago )

Cool for 360 owners

maybe it'll sell better now after going multi

somekyle4217d ago

Yeah I mean, if the game's good why not.

STK0264217d ago

wasn't this game in the "won't go to 360 list" we had a few days ago? Or am I wrong?

anyway, good for 360 only owners I guess

umair_s514217d ago

That just means it wasn't pushing the PS3, might as well be multi now atleast more people will enjoy it

Guido4217d ago

The number of Xbox fanboys that bashed the game for being a Gears clone and hated on it for being PS3 exclusive. Now they will be giddy like little school girls...

Daver4217d ago

Its better like this i think... Anyway its not like it looks like a good game (my opinion) with xbox/ps3 sales they might make a little profit.

Megaton4217d ago (Edited 4217d ago )

...and in a single stroke, all 360 fans saying it's a "stupid Gears clone" have vanished.

socomnick4217d ago

"What will be even funnier is...
The number of Xbox fanboys that bashed the game for being a Gears clone and hated on it for being PS3 exclusive. Now they will be giddy like little school girls..."

Nope, we still think its crap, but we also find it funny that Temco would take away Sonys exclusive so abruptly.

Anyways the game looks like utter crap, it will fail.

InfectedDK4217d ago

Whatever, it's going to be a standard shooter anyway..
Never even really got why they suddenly made a PS3 exclusive in the first place..? I think it's only to hype their game.. It's probably going to be a standard/decent shooter like we're used to theese days.. Worth playing but not like you are missing something if you don't play it..

Guido4217d ago

Speaking of Xbox fanboys...

Carl14124217d ago

So it's probably just turned from a "lol this game looks crap" to a "this game looks AWESOME" for 360 fanboys

And from a "GEARS OF WAR PWNER" to "looked crap anyway" in the eyes of PS3 fanboys

Sevir044217d ago

Now all the xbox fans are like Cool, we get to play it now.... fanboys are soo funny.

hulk_bash19874217d ago

Must get list in 2010 anyways, file this under who gives a crap (for me at least).

Karum4217d ago

Yeah it was in that article lol.

Just goes to show that 3rd party exclusivity isn't always something that can be relied on.

SoX FireBlade4217d ago

I was surprised that it was a PS3 exclusive and why they didn't make it multiplat

oh well, good for 360 owners. I have both consoles so it doesn't matter for me.

No FanS Land4217d ago

XD. That is one hilarious joke.

StanLee4217d ago

I can't wait for XBox 360 fanboys to say how great the game is now as it's coming to the XBox 360. The game still looks medicore at best.

silvacrest4217d ago

i wonder if bioware will do the same with mass effect 2.....

f**k it, its only a matter of time when it comes to 360 "exclusives"

baum4217d ago

"Nope, we still think its crap, but we also find it funny that "

Uh, speak for yourself, Kemosabi.

HammockGames4217d ago

I hope I'm wrong, but if the E3 video from earlier this year is any indication, this could be a real stinker. That video looked like a lag filled mess with generic environments and enemies.

They [email protected] well better fix those problems no matter what platform they put it on.

socomnick4217d ago

"i wonder if bioware will do the same with mass effect 2.....

f**k it, its only a matter of time when it comes to 360 "exclusives" "

Who knows, maybe they do , maybe they dont.

All I know is come early next year I will play the master piece and thats all that matters. I actually do hope ME2 goes multiplat its such an awesome series, :/ they would have to make mass effect 1 first though, otherwise youd be lost playing the sequel.

gaffyh4217d ago

I always wondered why Tecmo made this a PS3 exclusive rather than having it on the "shooter" console, Xbox 360. I just put it down to, GeOW clone for PS3, so a GeOW-type game exclusively for PS3. Makes sense, but I guess they thought it wouldn't sell well on PS3 only.

reintype4217d ago

As I stated on my previous post
I was going to buy Quantum Theory, regardless if its sucks. This news just saves me $60.00:D

I might still buy it, even though it's not exclusive anymore, but only if turns out to be actually good.

ABizzel14217d ago

I see a lot of retractions from people on both sides now that this game is multiplat (which there shouldn't be sides anyway).

I see this being the trend for Japanese gaming. Exclusive to PS3 in Japan, but multiplat around the rest of the world. It's weird, but I understand the reasoning behind it. Why spend the money publishing the games for the 360 in Japan when they sell about 50k copies lifetime sales vs. 100k and 200k on the PS3 for 1 week. It's a complete waste of time and money to make a 360 game in Japan.

hay4217d ago

Yup, they Squeenixed it.

Actually I don't blame them for doing so. This game got little to none interest among PS3 owners. It's logical for devs to try to survive in today's gaming market.

colonel1794217d ago

I couldn't care less about this game. I really wasn't excited about it at all; nevertheless, if it is good I'll buy it.

The thing I'm worried though, is that as many exclusives go multiplatform for either side, the more chance Final Fantasy versus XIII will go multiplatform, and that is something I would get very dissapointed with.

Carl14124217d ago

I actually always thought it was multiplat anyway. I can't be the only one.

Solidus187-SCMilk4217d ago

interesting but I wasnt planning on playin it on my ps3 anyways and wont get it for 360 either. The gameplay videos that Ive see so far have been pretty poor. It may be good but I didnt like what ive seen on this game.

IF it turns out bad like Ive thuoght it would for a while now at least the ps3 people wont mind admitting that its bad cause its not a ps3 exclusive now.

This game doesnt look promising, and Im hoping everyone will realize it now.


@ Carl1412

thank you.... you speak the truth.

I own both systems myself. I was not interested in it when it was ps3 exclusive and I am even less interested in it now. I have already gone off gears 2 and i don't think it will match gears quality so hence i am even less interested.

It will still be funny to see fanboys on both sides reverse their comments.

Chubear4217d ago

Tecmo saved their arses on this one. From what we'd seen of the game, it wasn't looking like it could hold it's own with other PS3 exclusives coming next year. This was the safest bet for Tecmo to recoup on their investment. I'm thinking a PC version should soon be announced too.

OmarJA-N4G4217d ago

I guess 360 owners will start to praise the game now, eh?

7thNightvolley4217d ago

wow.. i am just speechless.. lol

krisq4217d ago

This game has no future on one platform.

heroicjanitor4217d ago

It will perform better for it, 360 owners like this type of game more than ps3 owners(in general)

Disccordia4217d ago

Good news for 360 only owners because this game was definitely more suited to that demographic imo so a good decision from Tecmo.

Elvfam5114217d ago

the link to the interview

ultimolu4217d ago (Edited 4217d ago )

Well, I was interested in the game-not excited. I'm not even surprised to say the least.

Guido: You are so right.

IaMs124217d ago

Awesome indeed, but still doesnt change the fact its a Gears clone lol

evrfighter4217d ago

I don't think we'll see 360 fanboys praising this game. The only thing I can see them doing is rubbin ps3 fanboys noses in the dirt about how Sony can't hold on to exclusives.

Seeing the usual SDF trying to damage control this by saying the 360 fanboys are praising it now is pretty hilarious.

krisq4217d ago

I'm pretty sure Sony didn't have anything to do with the exclusivity for Quantum. It was Tecmo's decision, and now they've changed it. Smart IMO.

DaTruth4217d ago (Edited 4217d ago )

Never saw anything in this game to warrant a purchase, but it was in the back of my mind to keep an eye out for it.

After that E3 footage I never thought about it again! I play better looking PSone Classics!

Edit: If it turns out crap, I won't even say "imagine what teh graphicz would be like if it was teh PS3 exclusive"! That's how much I never cared about this game!j/k

Hellsvacancy4217d ago

It had rental slapped all over it anyway, im not a big tecmo fan never played Ninja Gaiden dont think i ever will

Consoldtobots4217d ago

lol sounds like someone went to sony for "exclusive" $$$ and got turned down. Hey at least MS is good for something, funding multiplats.

TheBand1t4217d ago

And nothing of any real value was lost.

Seriously, if you want your 3rd person shooter fix on PS3, just get Uncharted.

CotieD4217d ago

I haven't really seen enough of this game to know if its going to be any good or not. It pretty much is a gears clone but it doesn't mean it'll be horrible.

It doesn't hurt that a 3rd party developer is going multiplat as it helps them get the game into more gamers hands. But I don't think this is was one of those games that people wished was on their system of choice.

wxer4217d ago

lol this what happen when you relay on 3rd party
... you cant
they'll stab you in the back with a big smile on their faces

JokesOnYou4217d ago (Edited 4217d ago )

ultimolu - 188 days 4 hours ago

Ignore30 -

Holy crap.

That had badass written all over it.
Hope the gameplay's good too
_____________________________ ____________

ultimolu - 47 minutes ago

Ignore1.39 -
Well, I was interested in the game-not excited. I'm not even surprised to say the least.

Guido: You are so right.

lmfao, what is Guido so right about, when this game was shown at E3 in that link, all I see is a bunch of ps fans talking about how great it looked, where are these tons of 360 fans bashing QT? lol, I guess when you're bitter about losing an exclusive it causes delusion.


Lifendz4217d ago

I forgot all about this game. Anyone heard anything new about WarDevil?

green4217d ago

Thanks for the laugh.

@Lifendz: Last i hear the game is also multiplatform now.But IMO, it is vapourware.

RadientFlux4217d ago

meh I wasn't going to buy it for either system

r0s3b0wl234217d ago

I think they did this because recent footage has everyone disappointed, the game looks really crappy and they know it's going to flop. If they put it on the 360 they know they'll be getting some money out of it at least. PS3 gamers are pretty picky about what they buy.

Veneno4217d ago

and I said it because the very few previews showed that the game wasn't taking advantage of PS3 hardware and it looked like a 360 game. funny thing is, PS3 owners didn't care then and they don't care now......

leila014217d ago

"So it's probably just turned from a "lol this game looks crap" to a "this game looks AWESOME" for 360 fanboys

And from a "GEARS OF WAR PWNER" to "looked crap anyway" in the eyes of PS3 fanboys"

Hahaha Carl you pretty much nailed it.

ThanatosDMC4217d ago

HAHAHAH! That's what they get for being arrogant jerks. Anyway, i bet people will treat this as a poor man's GeoW. Unless of course it is that damn good.

sikbeta4217d ago

Good to Know...

This game is a f*cking Gears of War RIP-OFF!!!

Now both crews have a F*cking BAD Multiplat game to waste $60, complain about IT and insult Tecmo XP

WildArmed4217d ago

lol all this time they kept repeating that they didnt want the competition from Gears..
well.. here it is! :0

Saigon4217d ago

at least we know why sony didn't taut this game that much...maybe its not that good and it wouldn't sell well on the PS3 by itself...or maybe the PS3 has so many exclusives coming out for 2010...they didn't want it to get buried...

Ausbo4217d ago

however, i have no interest in this game.

It could be a sleeper hit though.

Foliage4217d ago

This move by Tecmo makes sense. After seeing the games library the PS3 has pumped out and will continue to pump out, they stand a better chance releasing their game on a platform that doesn't have much of any games to look forward to. On the 360, they might actually be on the top of most 360 users lists of games to buy. As for the PS3 audience, this one probably didn't crack the top 20.

I expect it's going to take a dive in the technical department due to the money bag Microshaft gave them to make it look about the same on both platforms. Oh well, better this game than a game I'm looking forward to.

leila014217d ago

The game is still on the PS3 you know...
oh well whatever just another fanboy.

4217d ago
vhero4217d ago

The only problem 360 owners have to worry about is getting a rushed copy now as this games due out in spring. It's funny I see a lot of people on here laughing about this and are happy its comig to 360 yet they are the same people slating it when it was a PS3 exclusive. Like I always say 360 fanboys are fickle.

himdeel4217d ago (Edited 4217d ago ) greater than the perceived power of any console hardware. The bottom line is a hard and fast number and you better be in the black when the numbers person finishes their crunching.

Either way I hope the game does well and that people on both consoles consider checking this game our by whatever means you decide to do so. I think the game looks interesting and still think it does. Lets just hope they've tighten up on the gameplay because what I saw from TGS was a bit loose.

MGSR THE HD VERSION4217d ago (Edited 4217d ago )

not worth the $60....take it back, and fix up those fvck ugly graphics.

once they done that then maybe I'll pick it up, but as it stands no.

Elaine Benes4217d ago

and the problem is?
you know people, MW2 is a multiplat and its still alot of fun(all we SHOULD care about), and sold a GAJILLION copies(all the dev cares about).

GrandTheftZamboni4217d ago

Does this mean they'll replace that chick with one or more hunky warriors?

DevastationEve4217d ago

They were tired of working with limited resources...sad but true.

Saaking4216d ago

Too bad really, the game was looking good. Now it'll never reach it's full potential just like FFXIII.