Video: Hitler gets banned from Xbox Live

What happens when you put silly subtitles over dramatic foreign footage? Absolute hilarity, that's what. Now combine this already potent combination with making fun of Adolf Hitler and it's even funnier. Combine that with the Xbox 360's superior online capabilities and you have got yourself some comedy gold. Come on, Microsoft? How could you ban Hitler? He had 2000 MS Points! What the hell can he do with them now? Then again, we suppose that's what happens when you play with a modified console (who would have thought that Hitler was a 1337 h4xx0r?). At this rate, Hitler may have to do the unthinkable: settle for a PS3.

We pity the customer support representative who has to take Hitler's call.

Warning: This video is decidedly NSFW, as it contains both foul language and, erm, Hitler

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Shadow Flare4809d ago (Edited 4808d ago )

That has to be the strangest title for an article i've seen on N4G

I just got home and watched the video loool that is funny!

"But sir, the bowling game"
That was a funny joke about the ps3 too. I love how mental he gets. "I spent...months, finding the agilty orbs in crackdown" lmao

Saint Sony4809d ago

Hehehee, good one. Really funny :D Poor Hitler, getting almost desperate.

Xboxsuckz4809d ago

Stupid Xbots with their stupid 360.

Getting banned!

Funny video though.

nobizlikesnowbiz4808d ago

Your comment reakes of your brilliance. Oh wait no sorry you smell like goatcheese because you spend to much time trying to fingerf**k you PS3 and not taking a shower.

See my comments don't have to make any sense either.

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The story is too old to be commented.