Sony recalls Dutch PSPs due to hackers - custom firmware fears!

A reputable dutch distributor e-mailed in to let Maxconsole know about some strange events going on in the Netherlands. Big corporate retail chains such as Dixons (Netherlands) have had to send back ALL their PSPs to a big Sony warehouse, an in return they will receive a new batch of 'unflashable' PSP units. Poor game sales in the region are seen as the main reason for Sony conducting this operation. However, the distributor notes that this is a nationwide approach from Sony, and it is possible that there is 100% NO STOCK of PSPs across mainstream stores in Netherlands.

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Babylonian4745d ago

PSP REDESIGN. They are using this as an exuse. Stores are letting all the stocks they have on the PSP go to get a "new" batch.

PSP redesign please be true, I hope this indicates the Netherlands will get it first (I live in the Netherlands).

Maybe I'm overexagerating but I really want a PSP redesign so that I can finally get a PSP.

PS360WII4745d ago

A redesign would be pretty sweet. I just hope it's not the phone/psp mock up we saw earlier..

Babylonian4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

I realy realy realy hope it's not that. And I don't understand why they are trying to stop homebrew either. That's one of the things that attracts me too, playing some good ol' retro ROMS on emulators and stuff like that.

I reckon you have a PSP, could you tell me if it's worth having? I'm getting one either way, but I want to know what others think about it.

cuco334745d ago

the redesign is to prevent custom firmwares. it's been said by sony already that they want to implement new non-downgradable psps

i for one, love my custom firmware. thanks dark_alex ;)

PS360WII4745d ago

I think it a great handheld. It does have a variety of games as well which is nice. It's got the ones where you can play for a few mins and be done and it also has games where you can suddenly find out you've been playing for a few hours. Another cool thing I saw at Gamestop is that they have a bin of the UMD movies for 5 bucks a pop! That's what they should of been priced at in the first place if you ask me but it's a warm welcome. You can upgrade you memory card to store up on music movies and games and it looks like sony is really jumping for the ps3/psp connectivity and they are thinking about putting a psn network on psp which would be the sweetest thing I belive.
It has it's faults like all things. Battery life for one isn't my cup of tea but they do have a power reader on the screen now. Games for it start off a bit too much sure it's only 5 more dollars than first run DS games but 40 bucks for a new portable game can be taxing in some times. I did say they have the games but it is also covered with ps2 games as well but if you know of 4-5 games that you want for the PSP then it's all good.

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PS360WII4745d ago

Why do they try so hard to stop the homebrew? It's not helping them sell units for a lot like the PSP for the homebrew... I understand they want to sell more software but as they have been saying for the past week they need better games for it.
*I know I know it has good games for it now but none that define the PSP or that weren't already great on the PS2.

HaHa4745d ago

i thought i was the only one from the netherlands in these forums! glad i was wrong ;)

id dot entity4745d ago

Everyone I know with a PSP has their PSP hacked of any kind. Yeah, we Dutch love free stuff.

gano4745d ago

When the news hits here we'll still keep ours in fact thet will
still sell them prob cheaper just to rid them. Here comes the new ones,
i wondered why crisis core will be made diff and drop so late too.
Built in hdd babe, let's play.