GW2 Video Q&A: Felicia Day Stars

NCsoft's developers have given fans a run-down of the races video that was released last week, revealing that the nerd-favourite pin-up girl Felicia Day voices one of the characters.

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Maticus4250d ago

I don't get the attraction, but I do admit she's worked hard and deserves the attention.

Guido4250d ago

That she is not perfect. She is a hot nerd chick that still feels attainable by WoW fans and the like. You can actually see guys that play games like that with chicks that look like her. She's not the super model type but simple and cute.

Maticus4250d ago

Ahh fair enough, some good points ^ ^

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

Some guys prefer women that don't look like Barbie dolls.

I would much rather be with someone that looked like Felicia Day than someone with giant fake boobs/lips/hair. lol

Medievaldragon4250d ago

A move to lure WoW players into their game?

Leord4250d ago

I think they deliberately avoided saying the game was WoW for copyright and other reasons, so I believe any gamer who have liked any MMO can feel like they can relate to the series :)

Leord4250d ago

I can SO understand why she is the "nerd-favourite"... hehe

Redrudy4250d ago

She's definitely a 'not' rating.

Dorjan4250d ago

bahahaha is that her trying to look sexy? That is silly... as silly as people thinking Sarah J Parker looked anything other than OMG PLEASE CLAW OUT MY EYES

kingdavid4250d ago

Horse face? Check

Flaming red hair? Check

Geek? Check

Nerd favourite.

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