Keighley: Halo Reach will be a huge leap forward

Geoff Keighley teases the new trailer for Halo Reach and says that the game will be a huge leap forward.

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Bungie3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Start your engine

Ready...5...4...3...2...1... >>>HYPE...HYPE...HYPE

Serjikal_Strike3775d ago

running too long...cuz its gonna overheat that box!

Saaking3775d ago

Hype is all you got? How about you wait and see? ODST SUCKED as did Wars. Let's see how Reach does.

iron_sheik3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

by this time next year ps3 would have overtaken x360 in global sales

also GT5 is by far the biggest game of 2010 followed by FF13. halo days are over
see ODST -mega flop in reviews

X360 will be a distant third at the end of this gen . just wait and see ps3 and x360 sales difference at the end of this quarter.
how delusional? u still believe that MS has any chance this gen to stay at no2 or no3 ?
u will be seeing FF13 sales boost to HW in Japan in a matter of 2 weeks from now

people who wanted halo already have x360s so reach wont be even a HW mover let alone bigger than GT5 --biggest game of 2010

Bungie3775d ago

@ 1.1 ... Jealous ?

@ 1.2 ... your opinion doesn't matter

@ 1.3 ... Delusional much !

Bring me more hate last place jealous fanboys

Digitaldude3775d ago

Lol bring me more sales arguments fanboy!

iron_sheik3775d ago

GT5 will easily outsell reach or any x360 game this gen . GT is a bigger series than halo or any x360 series for the matter

also x360 has already lost steam in HW sales and by this time next year it may become irrelevant

halo infront of GT5 and FF13 is just like talking about mosquitoes infront of elephants

halo reach wont sell anywhere besides UK and US

Cernunnos3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

@ Bungie
Have you ever seen Gran Turismo sales?!?
Oh that's right... US = The world... Sorry, I forgot.

And despite how much I dislike SE these days, FF13 will sell craploads.

And how can you say last place? Since PS3 launch, the PS3 has sold more than the 360. 360 is still in the lead due to it's head-start. Besides, PS3 got blu-ray "out there" which means a LOT of dollaz in Sony's pockets. As for personal victory - Damn I'm busy with all these great exclusives!

Man_of_the_year3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

"GT5 will easily outsell reach or any x360 game this gen . GT is a bigger series than halo or any x360 series for the matter"

You are absolutely delusional if you think that.

PS1 102.49 million units sold
-GT1 10.84 million units sold = 10.57% of install base bought GT1 (no compitition on the market at the time)
-GT2 9.34 million units sold = 9.11% of install base bought GT2 (no compitition on the market at the time)
PS2 120 million units sold
-GT 3 14.36 million units sold = 11.96% of install base bought GT3 (no compitition on the market at the time)
-GT 4 6.25 million units sold = 6.09% of install base bought GT4 (GT series now had compitition with the introduction of the Forza series on the xbox)
PS3 23 million units sold
-GT5P 4 million units sold (or close enough) @ $40 now $20 = 17.39% of install base bought GT5P


360 30 million units sold
- Halo 3 10 million units sold = 33.33% of install base bought Halo 3 (which competes in a genre with some of the greatest FPS/TPS games of this generation ie. COD4 COD5 R1 R2 KZ2 Gears1 Gears2 etc)

As you can see, it only took Halo 3 to sell 10 million copies in 2 years with an install base of 30 million, while it took GT3 to sell 14.36 million with an install base of 120 million almost 9 years and had no competition. GT1 was the only other game in the franchise that sold over 10 million copies (no competition in the market) on the PS1 with an install base of 102 million units.

So as you can see with the FACTS (i understand its a word you Blind sony fanboys are not used too) your comment about the GT franchise being bigger than the Halo Franchise is correct that there has been more games released within the franchise but the Halo franhcise (having less iterations within the franchise) has a larger fan install base.

Bottom line - Halo Reach WILL outsell GT5. Accept the truth. The entire gaming community except the Sony Fanboys may as well come to reality as well...and while you are, bring some of your delusional other Sony fanboys along with ya.

Most people have bought a PS3 for the Blu-Ray feature alone.
360 being released earlier didn't seem to stop the Wii from outselling the 360 - people buy what people want.
Also as you can see, the GT sales are not all that great to talk about. Combined they look great, but each individual game have not done all that well considering the install base of each corresponding console that the games are on.

nightelfmohawk3775d ago

When Halo 3 and Halo ODLC are sub-HD and look like last-gen games, I would hope Halo Reach is a "huge leap forward" from that garbage.

iron_sheik3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Forza3 mega flopped in sales .

GT has no competition
also GT5P has now sold 4.3m units and thats from polyphony's own chart

forza3 did 200k in UK and less than200k in US first month and barely charted elsehwere in europe./ forza3 actually hasnt even reached 700k-800k in sales by now

GT5 will sell 3m easily based on just 1st week sales in europe and japan. as for forza3 it wont even reach 2m in sales lifetime and the series might even be canned

also GT4 sold 10.83m + units

GT4 sold 6.4m units in europe alone

GT5 will outsell halo 3 and every x360 game LTD easily

also flopza3 is mega flop in sales
175k in US first month and wont ever appear again in any chart
200k in UK and <200k rest of the world
total sales of flopza3 is 500k NOW and might possibly reach 1m lifetime if lucky

GT5 will sell 5m 1st week in global sales and around 13m-14m LTD


GT4 sold 10.83m units which is more than any halo game

also GT5 will also do the same number
Forza2 was given away for free in every part of europe
GT5P sold 1m 1st week worldwide and had a million preorder. forza2 and forza3 didnt even chart in US let alone elsewhere

forza2 was dropped to FREE with every x360 purchase and so is forza3 now. GT5 will outsell halo reach and every x360 game in 2010 and beyond

pray that forza3 can hit a million evern after given away for free

GT5 can cost 100$ and still it will do 13m-14m

GT5 will outsell halo reach or any halo game based on JUST european sales not WW. Gt5 will be a huge console mover in Japan and europe.also you said GT4 sold 6.4m which in reality is wrong

GT4 sold 10.83m ww with 6.4m coming just from europe. halo reach sint a console mover or big vs GT5 . it will be just like odst --flop in reviews and sell only to existing x360 owners

Man_of_the_year3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )


What a pretty pathetic reply and a desperate reach.

We are talking about GT5 outselling Halo Reach. Well thanks for showing that i was right since you had to create a completely off topic conversation to which you originally started.

I agree that Forza 3 has not sold all that much. So i am not sure what you are searching for there? =/

Also you are comparing a DEMO that was $40 then dropped to $20 and was released over a year ago to a game that was just released over a month ago...LOL way to make yourself look even more ignorant than your GT5 will outsell Halo Reach comment...LOL idiot.

Well thanks for showing your age and ignorance. Since i had to waste my last bubble on your ignorance, i will end this chat with ya.

Thanks for the laughs. Welcome the the ignore list since just reading your stupidity lowers my own IQ.

Damn kids.

TheBlackSmoke3775d ago

Even longer noob spaceman jump confirmed.

Serjikal_Strike3775d ago

U bots sound like a bunch of Froggy B1tches!

ZombieAutopsy3775d ago

Whoa Man Of the Year on some hardcore damage control.

TheBlackSmoke3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Nice argument man of the year but now try and not make it conveniently fit.

- Fun fact... the PS2 was at a 120 million install base.... IN 2009!!

- PS2 launched in summer 2000 in JP and winter 2000 everywhere else.

- gt3 released in spring 2001, about 6 months after the PS2 launched in the west and a year after ps2 launched in japan. PS2 install base was a little over 10 million at the time. >>>>excuse nullified.

- Competition, the dreamcast released in 1999, the xbox and gamecube released in 2001. These other consoles could of brought a gt competitor but didnt/couldnt. They all existed in the same timeframe as gt3's peak popularity.>>>>exc use nullified.

- To say gt3 has had 9 years to sell that number is ridiculous, like people would be consistently looking to purchase gt3 right up until present day even though in that 9 years there has been gt4 and a whole next gen of consoles.

----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ---------

"Also you are comparing a DEMO that was $40 then dropped to $20 and was released over a year ago to a game that was just released over a month ago...LOL way to make yourself look even more ignorant"

Hmm... cheaper and released with a year headstart... that rings a bell

Obama3775d ago

"Nice argument man of the year but now try and not make it conveniently fit.

- Fun fact... the PS2 was at a 120 million install base.... IN 2009!! "

I was going to point that out. Man of the year did you fail first grade math?

Budg3tG4m3r3775d ago

Bungie didn't make Halo Wars... Saaking why do you have to be so duh duh duh all the time?

insomnium3775d ago

"-GT 3 14.36 million units sold = 11.96% of install base bought GT3 (no compitition on the market at the time) "

Why do you lie? Is there no other way for you to win exept to lie like that?

The PS2 was first available March 2000 in Japan and it was in October and November when it was available WW. GT3 was launched in April through July in 2001!

Before calculating percentages shouldn't you atleast TRY to make sence how big the install base is? Did the PS2 really sell 120 million in under a year WW?

You are stupid case closed.

Kassanova073775d ago

Keighley: Halo Reach will be a huge leap forward


jcgamer3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )


insomnium3775d ago

You sent me a PM but you block me so I can't reply? Pfft!

"What are you talking about? It doesn't matter WHEN it was released, it's about the amount of total consoles sold and the number of sales a particular game sold on it.

Does the PS2 have around 120 million units sold...YES
Is the game GT3 available on the PS2...YES
TOTAL sales of GT3 on the PS2 are 14.36 million.

How is that a lie?

Please get your head on straight. Must me a Sony thing. "

Is anyone willing to correct the dummy of the year since I really feel like it's a waste of my time. I've tried to reason with him earlier but he just sends me a "final blow" as in bullcrapload of text fanboy style and then he blocks me. Anyone?

General Jewels3775d ago

Biggest Game of ALL-TIME is coming.

Return of the King of games.

TheBlackSmoke3775d ago

13 hours ago | By: Man_of_the_year | Block

What are you talking about. It doesn't matter WHEN the PS2 was released. What matters is the amount of install base and the amount of Particular GT units sold. Are you saying that the Install base is larger now? If so then that makes my argument even stronger.

Are PS2 still selling? YES
Are there GT series that are on the market for sale? YES

Time has nothing to do with this. It's the amount of consoles that are still in circulation and the products that are available for that Console.

As long as the install base increases, then that is a potential purchaser for any game available, especially if it's marked down in price.

Get your head straight.

----------------------------- ------------------------------- ----------

13 hours ago | By: TheBlackSmoke | Edit Delete
Are you crazy?

Did you not read anything i wrote. The ps2 install base is 120 million in 2009 not 2001, back when gt3 debuted it was only 6 months after the PS2 came out.

Do you really believe they still press gt3 discs in 2009? If anything the final platinum editions of gt3 ceased production in 2004 when gt4 came out. You can only buy it now second hand or from merchants with foresight to bulk stock the game all those years ago, either way those sales would not be counted officially. Within the next year or if it hasn't happened already, Halo 3 will no longer be made for retail, so should i say 6 years from now that Halo 3 only sold 10 million in 9 years? of course not.

What your trying to say is that gt3 had 9 years to sell with a 120 million install base the whole time and therefore its numbers are unimpressive....get YOUR head straight.

----------------------------- ------------------------------- ---------

6 hours ago | By: Man_of_the_year | Block
Release dates mean nothing. Are you retarded?

YES there are still GT3 games out there. What are you saying, that after a certain time frame sold units don't count?

Get your head out of your ass. They may not be pressing more games but there are games still available for sale.

----------------------------- ------------------------------- ----------

10 minutes ago | By: TheBlackSmoke | Edit Delete
So your saying you can go in to a gamestop in 2009 and gt3 is on the shelf brand new?...gtfo you moron. So in 6 years time halo 3 should sell another 20 million on top of the 10 it already sold because according to your logic the demand for it should be the same the entire 9 years and MS will make sure halo3 is produced for retail for 6 more years right?.

Your a typical bot, always trying to twist facts to suit your argument, so not worth wasting my time. Oh and nice move private messaging me, guess you didnt want to get owned in public.

----------------------------- ------------------------------- ---------

Dont bother replying, your ignored. delusional asshole.

karan86243775d ago

Who let your dumbass back on the site?

TheBlackSmoke3775d ago

16 minutes ago | By: Man_of_the_year | Block
You are really an idiot. Demand is going to change. the POINT is, is that the game is available to the customer if they want it. It CAN be purchased. And if it can be purchased then it is considered a sale if bought. Yes GT3 may be more difficult to purchase because its so old but there are copies out there for sale. Eg under BEST SELLERS you can see GT3 FOR SALE for $1.99. SO YES you an go into gamestop and purchase GT3. Ya lets see if you post this in the forums..ya didn't think so since i just showed you that you don't know d1ck about anything.

Please get your sh1t straight before you display your ignorance. That way you won't look so damn ignorant.

----------------------------- ------------------------------- ---------

3 minutes ago | By: TheBlackSmoke | Edit Delete

Owned by your own link.

"This pre-owned product is guaranteed to work and may not include an instruction manual or original box. "

Like i already said, pre-owned games are not counted in gt3 official sales. Pre-owned games already had a previous owner who bought it originally. I NEVER said you could not buy it pre-owned did i?

Seriously give up man, im not some retard you can pull the wool over.
----------------------------- ------------------------------- ---------

Posted in public man of the year, you see you loose again. Like you could ever outsmart me lmfao

insomnium3775d ago

Man of the year just stfu. You are stupid and blacksmoke just proved it. man I would be too ashamed of myself to show my face here again if I were you. This is priceless.

Mr_Universe3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

You can still find GT3 games, Brand New over the internet from stores. Although the coupon has expired, the game is still out there, brand new for around $20. Google is your friend, not your enemy, unless you are afraid of what you may find.

I guess all you guys owe him an apology, but why do i think you guys won't do it...hmmm

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swiftshot933775d ago

Damn, I wanna see it. I want this trailer, and this game, to blow me away.

Saaking3775d ago

Better be a BIG step up. There's NO excuses this time around. They got money,time, and MS backing for whatever they need.

ThanatosDMC3775d ago

As long as we dont see a CGI movie. I want gameplay.

StanLee3775d ago

Looking forward to seeing what Bungie delivers. Oh and Saaking, shut the hell up; seriously.

ape0073775d ago

halo 3 campaign was a disappointment

halo odst did have awesome single player,especially on legendary in co-op but the engine was outdated

btw odst did have amazing soundtrack

3775d ago
Blaze9293775d ago THATS a statement O_O

Saaking3775d ago

Halo 3's multiplayer was great; however, the story and graphics were very weak. I didn't like Halo Wars (it's an RTS, so no big surprise). ODST is simply a shame. They NEED to redeem themselves with Reach.

Blaze9293775d ago

You DO know that Bungie didn't develop Halo Wars right?...right?

Hisiru3775d ago

Halo 3 is a great game but I have to agree. The engine is outdated and the campaign was very weak but the multiplayer is incredible.

Saaking3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

I am aware of that and like I said, I didn't like it becuase I'm not really into RTS: however, they DID develop ODST which was a HUGE (imo) let down. They packed in the SAME multiplayer, added a very weak story, and sold it for 60 bucks.

hulk_bash19873775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

It's gonna be hard to justify that statement.

White Knight Chronicles
Heavy Rain

Mass Effect 2
Splinter Cell Conviction
Alan Wake
Halo Reach
Crackdown 2

Bioshock 2
Dead Rising 2
Dante's Inferno
Dark Void

Well the same can be said about Sony bashing. I heard alot of comments disregarding Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 graphics even though they are both widely regarded as the best on any home platform. So please clarify to me where you draw the line?

Hutch23553775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

although I know that within 10 minutes of the trailer hitting the airwaves, no matter how good, even if it was the greatest looking game in the history of man, it will be bashed on N4G. I almost look forward to good news from Microsoft or a 360 game, because I will get to see the same 50 shmendricks in here bashing it. How its not as good as killzone2 graphics, how it doesn't look as fun as Uncaharted 2, how it will be incredibley short, how Microsoft screwed bungie up again, how the 360 is holding the graphics back, how it was cgi, or how it won't look as good when it comes out, how it will rrod your 360, how it will be overpriced, how multiplayer on live will have incredible lag, how only idiots will buy it, how it will be full of glitches, how Microsoft will pay off every reveiw that gives it above a 9 out of 10,how the controls will suck.

Is there anything I left out. Be sure to check back and see how many of my predictions come true.. lol

Edit: Disagree eh... Did I say something that wouldn't happen? hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Edit: @Hulk, I don't recall anyone dissing the graphics of Uncharted 2, or Killzone 2, Yes ok, I know there were some idiot 360 fanboys who probably said that, but the majority did not say that sony paid off reviewers, or that the game was crp. I konw people cried about the controls on KZ2, but nobody could really say the graphics weren't good. The big diff is the most respected people on this sight will be in here bashing it saying all those things, while it was the moron 360 fanboys that bash anything sony. You can't actually sit back and say that the 360 fanboys run this site anymore. Its not even close. I could have just said, man I can't wait for this game to come out it will be awesome, and the replies would be, yeah, it better be, or the graphics in halo 2 and 3 sucked, or blah blah blah, just like Saaking has done already on this thread. I hope I answered your question.

HolyOrangeCows3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Graphics - Give it 2xAA and or bring it up to 720p

Gameplay - Put more time into the campaign (If Reach isn't an MP only title)

Multiplayer - Don't restrict us from playing favorite match types like Big Team Battle if we don't buy your map packs.

Oldsnake0073775d ago

biggest game of 2010 will be a good fight

it will be GT5 vs Halo reach vs CoD7

GUNS N SWORDS3775d ago

"Graphics - Give it 2xAA and or bring it up to 720p "

i don't see why not, a majority of games on the platform are nowadays, including mass effect2 and alan wake.

Blaze9293775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

So why would you say "they" need to redeem themselves after including a game they had nothing to do with as if Halo Wars has somehow hurt their credibility?

Fan Tastic3775d ago

So it may actually be in HD? It might actually look as good as some other first generation 360 titles?

Anon19743775d ago

This game will be a day one purchase for me because I'm a big Halo fan, but I'm not expecting it to be a huge step above Halo 3.

Gears of War was a huge leap forward compared to the games that came before it, and since then really only Gears 2 was a graphical match to the first. Gears came out back in 2006. If the 360 were capable of much more, surely some other company would have delivered by now, but we just haven't seen it.

ABizzel13775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

It'll finally be next gen with true HD graphics. Joking aside, this is probably the first Halo I'm looking forward to. Hopefully it lives up to all the hype Halo has generated over the years. And hopefully Bungie goes out with a bang.

GOWIII33775d ago

I have a feeling Saaking is going to be disappointed no matter what, because I see him in every Halo Reach article saying the same fictitious concern and overly pessimistic crap, trying to draw links to past Halo games. Is ThanatosDMC even reading the articles? The last 4 or 5 Halo Reach articles explain what the trailer will consist of.

This is great news the media is so excited about Halo Reach, I can't wait. I have a feeling this is the changed or the evolution of the planned Peter Jackson project that got scrapped, making the development half a decade long.

Willio3775d ago

thats a reach...(pun intended)

No offense, Geoff said "I dont know if you have seen it," which is the obvious, makes him look kinda stupid.

HolyOrangeCows3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Instead, I hope Reach plays in a LOWER resolution....with blur filters, too.

Hmm...I hope the campaign is shorter than ODST and feels like an afterthought.

And I hope the 360 shuts down completely until you buy the latest Halo Reach DLC.

Yeah.....that's better, right?
Seriously, what's with the disagrees? I want the sequel to be better, is that an issue?

GOWIII33775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Give it a rest, no one came here to listen to PS3 loyalist ramblings. Halo Reach uses a new built from the ground up engine, your ramblings are worthless at this point. When we see a close to finished product you're more than welcome to post in the open zone.

There is no denying insiders in the media are hella excited about Halo Reach from what they have see. I don't see the point of the PS3 fans trolling the open zone and trying to be sneaky the gamer zone. The media are excited for Halo Reach based from what they have seen and they won't and can't stop talking about it.

@1.24 Gamers are doing that now with Alan Wake and Brink.

Ausbo3775d ago

it will probably be the best looking 360 game and then the ps3 fanboys will bash it saying it doesn't look as good as killzone.

No matter what the trailer is, about 75% of the people in this site will critize it.

HolyOrangeCows3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

If I want the sequel to have improvements, I'm a "PS3 loyalist"
If I want it to be worse, I'm a "PS3 loyalist"

I can't win, lol.

Bloodraid3775d ago

Halo: Reach will be a huge leap forward? From what? Last generation?


Halo wars was 720p with 2xaa, so this won't be their first 720p game.

people are just sour that halo is still around, what should it matter to them anyway, they're not buying their games.

this next halo game will bring about more new things, and be setting new shining examples, examples that few games will achieve.

quite frankly, there's few to almost no exclusives out there in this generation that has mustered as much online playability as halo3 has, followed by sales and reviews.

since they're not planing on showing any CG that should makes this all the more reason to believe that halo reach will be making a big leap.

i look forward to seeing those shots of Reach that were doubted of being realtime be put to rest.

pimpmaster3775d ago

well looks like M$ succeded in whoring out halo. i used to be excited for a new halo game but after odst all i can think is meh.

baum3775d ago

Halo Wars >>>>>>>&g t;>>> ODST

I love ensemble and Age of Empires, what a shame they got closed. Why the hate for Halo Wars? I know the Halo franchise is not all that, but Halo Wars is definitely better than the ODLC, if only from a "best bang for your buck" standpoint.

Anyway, shouldn't they name it Halo 4 or Halo Zero? The way they're hyping it, they should...

Jeebus3775d ago

Obviously none of you were on this site from the year leading up to PS3's launch and for almost 2 years after...

3775d ago
starvinbull3775d ago

If Reach is as good as is being touted I will make the jump and get a cheap 360.

I thought Halo was quite good, Halo 2 was awful, Halo 3 average and haven't bothered with ODST.

Not a Halo fan but if Reach can give the 360 a shot in the arm and surpass Uncharted 2 then I'll give it a go.

SuperM3775d ago

means the game that sells most next year. And since it has Halo in the name thats not really a hard guess. However i dont think Mr. Keighley was thinking clearly when he said "biggest game by far" because there is a certain game coming out called Gran Turismo 5 and so far every iteration of the game has sold as much or more then Halo 3.

But im sure Reach will be the best selling game of the holiday probably along with CoD7 by treyarch.

Bungie3775d ago

Biggest and Best game next year

Keighley know it

DelbertGrady3775d ago

lol @ PS3 fanboys pretending to be disappointed 360 fans.

I had a ton of fun with Halo 3. I had a ton of fun with Halo Wars. I had a ton of fun with Halo: ODST and I'm pretty sure I will have even more fun with Halo Reach.

Trebius3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

I would hope they actually improve upon the predecessors as opposed to tacking on a mediocre single player campaign and rehashing the same Multiplayer, all in their same sub-HD engine.

If this game ISNT an improvement then that'd just be a shame, the 360 really needs a new Halo title to help everyone justify their purchase.

After Xbox's dismal 2009 line-up im sure they're going to be a lot more aggressive with their Ad campaigns and such for every exclusive title this coming year.

It's gonna be a great year for gaming!

PshycoNinja3775d ago

Okay you guys need to listen to yourselves.

Xbox owners: It doesn't matter what PS3 owners say. You guys like Halo and there's nothing wrong with that, but you guys also need to know that not everyone likes the game and that's fine. Not everyone is going to like the game.

PS3 owners: It's okay to have an opinion, HOWEVER you guys just cant come in to a 360 thread and start bashing the game. If you didn't like the game give some constructive criticism and say what you think will improve the game, instead of only bashing it.

Just remember guys everyone has an opinion. There is no such thing as a universal right opinion. Whatever your opinion is your right, HOWEVER that doesn't mean that it's fact or right for OTHER people. Its okay to have different opinions, how you express them is a completely different matter.

vhero3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

*Yawn* It could be absolute trash and reviewers would have wet dreams over it. So I really couldn't care.. Halo should just die now and Bungie should move on but obviously that crap about Halo 3 being the last one was lies... Why did they lie? Because Bungie don't know how to make anything else they are a 1 trick pony. I wan't to see them make something else for 360 or multiplat I really don't care. Show us what great devs you really can be instead of bringing out the same games 5 times over with a differnt story/weapons. Don't get me wrong I'm not trashing the game itself Halo 1 was an amazing game (definetly deserved its ratings) but the sequels are not a touch on it. You 360 fanboys just say it is as you WISH it was. It gets ratings from its name not how good it is.

lowcarb3775d ago

Bungie has made other games besides Halo and unfortunately the size of Halo is really taking up all of there time. Remember Quality is always better than quantity and they may be simply trying to deliver and make Halo a better. What I don't get is why it matter's what they make. It's like your saying because other developers do it then Bungie is crap because they don't lol. The creators of GT5 and even GOW3 are focused on those 2 games but I don't see any one trick pony comments about them which i find strange.

7thNightvolley3775d ago

we have seen the leaked alpha pics of reach.. which well looks quiet promising.. and to knw brink can do some kz2 effects on 360 .. so for geff to say this is going to be contending for game of the year and its like a huge leap forward.. i would believe 70 percent of that statement.. i like halo its could be fun.. but if the graphics could do alot better this is the time it should coz if bungie does not show us some fidelity in the technical beauty department we would think they are uncapable of being a true upper class developer.. so i am keen to see this non-CG presentation of the game...

Shepherd 2143775d ago

Halo 3 actually had a very strong story, but most of you know nothing of the Halo backstory, details, or lore, meaning you didnt understand it hardly at all, so your next course of action is to bash it because you do not understand =). Its a brilliant story for those who pay close attention to detail.

Noctis Aftermath3775d ago

Isn't it going to be all CG?(not exactly a bad thing seeing that it's the first real footage being shown) because someone at bungie said on twitter that the clip they are showing is all rendered in engine, if it was gameplay they would not need to state that.

solidt123775d ago

So far I have been a fan of the Halo Universe and Master chief but the games have never lived up to what it could be. I think Reach will be the first Halo game to do that. It's about time they built the game on a better graphics engine. I want to see a game that looks closer to those awesome CG commercials they make.