Medal of Honor and Hope

Softpedia writes: "Electronic Arts has just announced that it is bringing back the Medal of Honor series, which has been laying dormant since the release of the rather good but overlooked Airborne. The new game is set to take the player to the battlefields of Afghanistan and focus on the actions of Tier 1 Operators, the tough guys who are conducting most of the Special Operation missions in the country.

The single player campaign is created by EALA and the multiplayer element is being put together by DICE. The release date will probably be set for sometime late in 2010, putting the game in direct competition with the new Call of Duty videogame, which is set to be created by Treyarch and is rumored to move to a Vietnam or other Cold War setting."

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darkmurder5110d ago

Sounds like an awesome concept and with Dice to do multiplayer I can see it doing very well.

badz1495110d ago

I hope that it's not just another generic warfare shooter with short campaign just to compete with CoD! I like games that are balanced SP and MP wise! MW2 short campaign shows that CoD is no longer about story, it's all about MP! please EA, don't do that with MoH!

Garnett5110d ago

After playing Airborne (Good concept bad devs) i must say no thanks! The main thing is i would be aiming down the iron sights, take 1 shot at a guy and it missed.... How the #@$ did i miss?

Bad devs, and DICE is just as bad IMO. Tho BF BC2 is looking better.

badz1495110d ago

"Bad devs, and DICE is just as bad IMO. Tho BF BC2 is looking better."

how's BFBC2 looking better than a game that still has no footage at all? or did I missed something? I think we should just wait for EA to release a gameplay footage of this new MoH before we throw in judgments!

DICE is great. BF series are always great maybe except for Heroes but that's a free to play cartoon shooter, kinda expected. anyway, all other games in BF series is great although a lot of people talking bad about Bad Company, I think they're mostly gamers that felt bitter that game didn't come out on PC. I love Bad Company because although with the humor nature of the Story, the gameplay and MP side of the game is still intense to say the least! - although the lack of MP mode is also kinda disappointing!


The Medal of Honor Franchise Deserves a Comeback

Game Rant Writes "It's been over a decade since fans have seen the Medal of Honor franchise on consoles in any capacity, and it's about time EA brought it back."

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porkChop356d ago

Medal of Honor 2010 was a good start for a modern reboot. The campaign was fantastic. Multiplayer wasn't great but that's DICE's fault. I'd love if they went back to that game and gave it a proper sequel.

SlothLordPootus356d ago

I actually really liked the multiplayer in MoH 2010. Battlefield gunplay on small maps. I would love to see a Rising sun remake, the opening scene would be amazing to see.

SonyStyled356d ago

I enjoyed the multiplayer of MoH 2010. It felt like battlefield 3 in a way. The multiplayer in Warfighter was also pretty good but the campaigns single player story was not appealing with the whole family cutscene thing. Gameplay was fun though. MoH to me is the PS1/2 titles and I don’t expect to see a WW2 MoH after the last Call of Duty’s

Levii_92356d ago

PS1 MOH 1999 and 2000 (Underground) and Allied Assault PC is my childhood.. it's still soo good and it holds up. Not to mention Michael Giacchino's soundtrack is one of the best video game soundtracks ever made. Even if you weren't born in early to mid 90's go listen to the main theme of Allied Assault and you will be overloaded from nostalgia.

I miss this franchise a lot.

Iceball2000356d ago

I’ve always thought that MOH and Battlefield should be separate…

Have MOH as the full fledged single player with an amazing store and whatnot. And a basic multiplayer just to have multiplayer. Sorta like how the MOH reboot was.

And then have BF as the full fledged multiplayer with all effort put into that and ditch the single player. Maybe add Commander back in.

Only in a perfect world.

HeliosHex356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

Oh man medal of honor on pc was awesome back in the day. Multi-player was fun. Joined my first clan on medal of honor. Definitely deserves a comeback. But needs to be on the same level or surpass COD. Since it came out before that ip in 1999 to avoid embarrassment.


The guys who did Allied assault are the one who created call of duty. They're back at EA, Vince something

MadLad355d ago

I'll be the weird guy in the room and say I actually loved Warfighter. I thought the squad mechanics made it stand out a bit and thought the shooting felt good. Put a lot of time into the multiplayer.


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Jiub676d ago

I really wish the Legacy of Kain series would come back

675d ago
Nintentional676d ago

Still have my original PS1 my family got at Sam’s Club back in 1999 :) it still works and I have it hooked up to a 32” Sony Wega Trinitron that supports S Video and Component 👌🏼 PS1 games in S Video POP on there 🤩

675d ago

15 PS1 Games That Hold Up Today

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CrimsonWing69750d ago

One of the best, if not the best, generations for gaming. So many brilliant games came out during this: Parasite Eve, Resident Evil, Alundra, Xenogears, Final Fantasy VII, and I’ll be here all day naming them off.

Nowadays, nobody would take a risk on 75% of the IPs on that console. I’ll tell you this, there was no damn remasters on that system. Every game was something unique.

Jiub750d ago

I doubt Azure Dreams, Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, or Parasite Eve would get made today because of how risky they look

CrimsonWing69750d ago

I actually have those games! Seriously, just mentioning them is making want to play them. Vagrant Story was another game that I really liked. Man, there’s just a ton. Tactics Ogre and Valkyrie Profile are some others. I really these generations could be more like this, I think after Xbox 360/PS3 era it’s been harder to find games that were as uniquely imaginative. Most, not all kind you, but most games kind of feel similar you know? Like it’s an open-world game or an FPS or some free-to-play game. Now, there are gems for sure, but it’s nowhere near like how it was during the PS1 and PS2 days.

Inverno749d ago

Considering that literally non of those games have had reboots, or sequels made these last 3 HD generations leaves little room for me personally to doubt just how sucky the industry has turned into. It is creatively starved

FinalFantasyFanatic749d ago

I would love if they got ports or remasters though, I never got to play some of those as a kid and as an adult, I'd love an easy, legal way of playing through all of those games (I'm sure I've got most of the Legacy of Kain games on PC though).

Knightofelemia750d ago (Edited 750d ago )

Parasite Eve, Dino Crisis, RE2, RE3, Legend of Dragoon, Chrono Cross, Xenogears are all my favorites. Glad to see Legacy of Kain get mentioned. FF7 does get the love and its a great game I love it but I Like FF8 more and I know many people who will also drop FF9 into this list as well. MMX4 I prefer on the Saturn myself don't know what it is but I preferred MM games on the Saturn. PS1 was my second choice when the 32bit era landed on gamers after the fall of the Saturn PS1 had the library and the developers.

NecrumOddBoy750d ago

A lot of these games do not hold up as well as you’d think. MGS is pretty archaic for newer gamers to grasp. It’s not as bad as RE or Silent Hill but it still plays rough. I think out of the PSOne generation, the most preserved games are 2D like SOTN, Rayman, and my favorite Oddworld games. I agree that FF Tactics is definitely a lasting format.

LucasRuinedChildhood750d ago (Edited 750d ago )

What newer gamers have you actually talked to about this?

I let one of my friends play MGS1 on a PSTV I got for free ages ago, and he loved it so much that he begrudgingly bought a PS3 to play the rest of the series (justified it slightly through platinum hunting, haha). His first console was a PS2. I personally don't think that any of the games you listed would have the same effect on most people.

We were never able to get into the pre-RE4 Resi games though so there's some truth to that. In an era where loads of popular indie games are top down or isometric. the idea that MGS1 is hard to grasp for newer gamers genuinely doesn't make sense. It's the most straightforward game of the series in both gameplay and story. The only thing holding it back are its graphics. It's still great.

AK09749d ago

Not a new gamer but I never played MGS1 back in the day, my first MGS game was 3 on PS2 in 2006 and I loved it.
I tried to play MGS 1-3 before MGS:V release in 2015 but I couldn't, they were outdated, the camera and control are terrible by today's standers, to me at least, so yeah there are people who won't enjoy playing old games including MGS.

TheHan749d ago

Soul reaver really? Blood omen is much better even if it was a PS1 title.

Magog749d ago (Edited 749d ago )

Vagrant Story is the only one I would go back to play. In certain ways it still hasn't been matched. The dialog and visual direction are of amazing quality and the music is absolutely superb.