The Javelin Bans: Are They Fair?

A bug in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 allowed for players to 'self-destruct' with a combination of button presses, enabling cheap kills and essentially dismantling all element of strategy in tactical game modes. With such a popular game played by mainly kids, it's also very understandable that the cheat spread like wildfire online until it became a serious problem.

But, was the way Microsoft and Infinity Ward handled the situation with the bans really that fair? Baxy-Z take a look at the ban claims and Microsoft's T&Cs and decide whether or not it was really justified in the end.

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smittyjerkins3776d ago

Banning people for messing around with a glitch is retarded and unnecessary. It was Infinity Wards fault for leaving the glitch in the game, not for people finding it and using it. It just sounds stupid that the source of the problem (Infinity Ward's incompetency) doesn't take blame for it, but instead goes and bans people that have been messing around with a glitch THAT WAS ALREADY IN THE GAME.

Also, MicroSoft are just assholes and like to be assholes whenever they can, so I bet they encouraged the banning. You know M$ just loves their fans! so much that they ban them whenever possible no matter how bad the excuse is.

Gamehead363776d ago

Hey Microsoft, how about you ban Infinity Ward for making games with a sh!t tonne of glitches in them that enable things like this to happen. Do you not expect curious people to use it, funny people to make funny youtube videos of it, and cheaters not to take advantage of a "glitch?" Let me reiterate it; a glitch, not a hack.

Punish Infinity Ward, not the gamers.

GameOn3775d ago

No one was banned. A short suspension is the punishment and that seems fair to me considering these peple are cheating.

HolyOrangeCows3775d ago

Being sold a buggy, under-tested game.

chrisulloa3775d ago

1 day suspension does not equal ban. Idiocy is very abundant in this site.

Anorexorcist3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Infinity Ward being basically crucified for this small bug and yet no gaming public outcry of this magnitude came when it was found that Microsoft released a console with such a great rate of default (what was the RRoD highest rate of failure? At least 54%)

Needless to say, this is getting a LITTLE out of hand. No doubt this issue will be behind everyone soon when the patch solution is released.

Gamehead363775d ago

Customers are PAYING money for Microsoft's online service to guarantee the ability to play online, not to be restricted to play for an amount of time because of a glitch that was bound to be fixed in a few days.

I understand Microsoft doesn't want any cheaters and that customers pay for that guarantee too, and I respect their enthusiasm towards keeping online play fair, but all this does is allow IW and other developers to put out buggy games. In return Microsoft will continue to hold the developers hand, instead of holding the developers to a higher standard, and punish players for something that in the end is the developers fault.

I mean, if there wasn't already enough issues with MW2, this probably wouldn't be as big an issue but damn I mean IW thinks they can just release a half done game, and sadly they can because the masses buy it.

4Sh0w3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Its an exploit, a glitch is something that occurs when the user is playing the game the way the developer intended but for whatever reason the player is able to do somehting that he isnt suppose to be able to do under normal circumstances, like being "out of map" yet still able to interact with players which in some cases makes you invincible, glitches have an enormous impact on the gameplay even though the player hasnt even tried to cheat.

An exploit occurs when a player finds a normal gameplay mechanic that otherwise is a acceptable ability in the game but he combines this skill with another normal aspect of the game and "exploits" this mechanic in order to gain an unfair advantage, you'll notice that most of the time these cheaters need help to even find and pull off these exploits, no amount of game testing can rival the sheer amount of hrs and gameplay that comes from millions of gamers playing the game online with hundreds of thousands communicating back and forth every hr and discovering loopholes, its inevitable.

Name 1 highly popular online game that does not have its share of exploits. Now go to youtube and see for yourself.

Cheaters deserve the suspension.

Anon19743775d ago

But this game is rated M. There shouldn't be any kids playing it.

yesah3775d ago

porn is for 18+ also, there must not be any kids watching it.

mastiffchild3775d ago

I think his issue's really with the "mainly", though, isn't it? Obviously SOME copies of MW2 will be kids' and some porn will be watched by kids too when they can get away with it. But most? IDK about that.

edgeofblade3775d ago

Incredible. If it isn't irrational Microsoft hate, it's irrational COD hate.

Two things: first, it's at least a 24 hour ban, but MN said it could be as big as a permaban. And second, the fix is on it's way. So, banning is a short term fix for an issue that is being permanently fixed quickly.

Both sides of this argument should be happy. The people who want IW to take responsibility... they are. The people who want immediate retribution against cheaters... they are getting it.

DarkTower8053775d ago

Account ban = fair
console ban = not fair

How about the people that share consoles with others? Should they be punished for having dumb friends/relatives?

lessthanmarcus3775d ago

A 1 month ban seems about right. Doesn't matter if it's in the game. It's not the way the game is suppose be played and it ruins the experience for everyone else.

Exploiting glitches is cheating. Especially a glitch like this that takes out everyone around you without you putting forth any amount of skill.

I file complaints on every sad individual that uses the javelin glitch. How about playing the game the way it's meant to be played?

Shepherd 2143775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

sh!t ton of glitches? Name three and i promise i will not post in this article anymore. Almost no game ships without glitches or hiccups that require a patch, your just sour because Modern Warfare 2 is popular.

Idiots who cheat should be banned. Like Skv said, cheat in the NFL/Olympics/NBA/NHL/etc,etc,e tc, you get banned. Life lesson learned.

DarkTower8053775d ago

Javelin glitch, elevator glitches (not sure what maps), and Afghan rock glitch. There's 3, now stop posting and leave.

This game kicks ass, but don't be blind because it's not perfect.

edhe3775d ago

exploiting glitches is against the Live TOS, the contract that you agree to when you go onto be a gold user. It's not about what you think is right, wrong, fair or unfair it's about what was written in the TOS that you agreed with when you bought passage into the Live network.

If you break that TOS you can expect punishment more severe than the crime, as is their policy for their service.

You signed up to it, deal with it peeps.

BI0RAPTOR3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Right or wrong?.If this is what it is going to take to stop adolescence gamers from spoiling the fun for gamers?then I am all for it.
If people want to have a laugh?then do it in there own privet lobby not in a public lobby.

2Spock3775d ago

First off! People, people, MS is not banning people just suspension for some that have a hard time reading the article. And secondly 90% of people i have seen using it is 25 year olds, probably stoners with no jobs. And this is not a glitch it is an exploit, completely 2 different things. Don't believe me go look it up. I SAY BAN THEM ALL.

MechaZillaTron3775d ago

Microsoft is resorting to scare tactics yet again big surprise. If there is a bug i.e. glitch, the developers are responsible for patching it. I think Sony took the correct approach without reprimanding gamers, rather waiting for Infinity Ward to come up w/ a patch. It seems eery the way Microsoft has started to sound like the former Bush admin more and more. Resorting to scare tactics and the upcoming "Shock & Awe" advertising campaign soon to be unleashed. Good Luck & Good Night.

PS3PCFTW3775d ago

way to throw 65 dollars down the drain.

u couldve just bought mw1 and saved 40 bucks.

haha....goodjob on giving activision your money(500mill). your encouraging those lazy fuccs to charge more for less product. Good job u fuccin morons. microsoft loves idiots like you who just bend over and dont even request the lube.


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WildArmed3776d ago

lol you cheat @ Olympics.. you get banned from the Olympics.
You cheat in NFL/FIFA/NBA you get banned.
Simple as that.
Just coz they are brats, doesn't mean they shouldn't be banned. Plus, its a nice lil' heads up on life.
You fuk with people, they will fuk you back harder lol (in this case banned)

Zydake3776d ago

I teach my younger cousins those concepts everyday

RockmanII73776d ago

But they aren't techniclly cheating. They found a loophole in the system. Yes they ruin the game , Yes they are n00bs, but is it fair to ban them? IMO no, IW needs to fix this because they are the source of the problem.

ZombieNinjaPanda3775d ago

So in the Olympics and NFL and such, there is an automatic win button I can press?

That's the equivalent. Or at least a better example of it. So if I press that button, will I be banned?

yesah3775d ago

a glitch is not a cheat. your metaphor is off.

Its like a running back in the NFL knows that the person blocking him had a broken leg a month ago and cant run to the right quickly, therefore the running back takes advantage of this and runs to the right. Would he be banned from the NFL for doing this? No.

If its completely unfair it should just be patched.

4Sh0w3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

This is an exploit not a glitch, but enough with splitting hairs. These exploits aren't new to gaming, we all used to use them back in the day to rack up extra points, beat the game faster, etc. Some were put there by the devs on purpose, intended to be that golden egg that would only be found by the most dedicated fans. Some were just oversights but it wasn't a big deal anyway, games were mostly just a singleplayer experience and if used a cheat who cares since it only affects you. Now when those with too much time on their hands or some simply by sheer luck discover an exploit which they obviously know is unfair use it to keep an unfair advantage that ruins the experience for others its going to be a problem. That's not IW's fault, a gamer who respects his fellow players would simply choose not to engage in a method that clearly doesn't allow everybody a fair shake to win based solely on SKILL LEVEL. This isn't a case of somebody being called a cheaters simply because he camps with asniper rifle, it isn't about playstyle differences, these people are straight up cheating and they know it.

Nod3775d ago

Its like if a French Footballer / soccer-player blatantly breached the rules of the game to his advantage during a World Cup Qualifier.

Should he get away with it? He's currently being investigated and may well be banned for at least a match from the World Cup.

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Action GO FIGURE3776d ago

Keep the Javelin glitch or get rid of grenade launchers.
Take your pick.

kaveti66163776d ago

Option C.

- Learn how to program (check)
- Create a few lines of code that fixes the Javelin glitch while still keeping the grenade launchers (check)
- Patch the new code to millions of gamers around the world through an internet connection, thus alleviating the problem (check)

Yeah, I think they'll go with option C.

Kushan3776d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Pretty sure they know how to program. To say that this glitch came about because of a stupid programming error that any novice programmer would have spotted is idiotic. As software systems become more and more complex, bugs are BOUND to happen. They don't measure an application by how many bugs are in it, but rather how many bugs there are per 1000 lines of code. In other words, it's assumed that bugs WILL happen, but what is important is that they don't happen too much.
This wont be the last bug or glitch in the game by a long shot, but that isn't IWs fault, it happens in all games.

JD_Shadow3775d ago

It's IW's responsibility, though, to do something ABOUT it. Just because it might be tough (and with that big of a glitch on a game that a lot of people were waiting for, you need to make sure you get as much right as you can) doesn't mean they can just sit back and let everyone else cover for them when someone finds a fault.

Sony did the right thing here (though you may not have liked their decision, it was the right one). They said to IW that if they want the glitch to not be used on PSN, then they better do something about it, because it's not their problem. Of course, with how much money MS put into advertising to get people to think that this game is a 360 exclusive, they're going to make sure that they get as strict as possible.

What happens, then, when another game comes out that has a glitch like this in it? Are they going to find a way to fix it ASAP, or take their grand old time because they know big brother has their back? This is why Sony making that decision is the right one: it forces the dev to get a fix out quickly (you don't think IW would've been as quick to get this fixed if Sony did the same thing MS did, do you?).

Kushan3775d ago

I never once said that IW shouldn't fix it or that it wasn't their responsibility, I merely stated that bugs/glitches are more certain to happen than not to happen. IW will fix it as and when they can because they're a good developer and support their games properly.
People were saying that IW needs to "learn to code" and this was my problem - they know how to code and if the people who made such statements knew how to code, they'd realise that bugs will happen no matter what.

Keep in mind, "patching" the game isn't as simple as it sounds, at least not on consoles. For the PC, it's easy to patch and throw out the fix asap, then if there's a bug, another hotfix can sort it out pretty quickly, but console patching is a whole different ball game. Both MS AND Sony has to certify the patch, which requires their own internal testing. If this testing fails for whatever reason, IW/Activision will need to pay additional certification costs (On top of the existing ones), so they'll do extra testing themselves before even submitting it. This is why the javelin glitch has been "fixed" in 1.06, but patch 1.05 has only just been released. This isn't anyone's "fault", the certification is important for a variety of reasons (Security for one, stability for another), but it will always cause delays.
Which is why MS is issuing these suspentions - to rattle the cages of anyone thinking of abusing the glitch so that while it remains unpatched, less people attempt to abuse it. It's not ideal, but it is better than letting the glitchers run riot while IW tries to get a patch out.

3775d ago
Kushan3775d ago

Awww, did I hit a nerve? Here, have a cookie.

Seriously, these comment sections exist because various people have various opinions and, as crazy as it might seem, some of us actually enjoy debating those opinions.

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