Themes That Should Be In More Video Games (resumeplay)

We've all seen games with lush jungles, desert wastes, frozen tundra, floating cities, post-apocalyptic ruins, ancient technological dungeons, mystic oceans, dank caves, and a land of shadows. Sometimes, all in the same game, we've traveled though time from medieval fantasy castles to futuristic cyberpunk utopias. What Resumeplay looking for is something new; a place or style that I've never seen before, or at least never seen done well. Here's a bit of what would make would make a welcome addition to popular gaming.

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SRosenberg3514d ago

I agree. I'm always up for more versatile video game themes. One reason I liked Bioshock so much. Such a good setting.

Timesplitter143514d ago

Agreed for Bioshock.

More video games should explore morality and controversial ideas

Darkstorn3514d ago

Agree completely. Some people say to 'separate politics and games,' but those people have obviously never played Bioshock. For example, MGS4 was heavy-handed in a good way, and I tend to respect developers for incorporating more than a point-and-shoot storyline in their games.

rockleex3514d ago

You could take any direction you want with it.

CheatsMcGee3514d ago

Good article, though I think you should add onto it more some time.

And yes, we need more Steampunk. Or at least ones that don't suck haha.

Sangria3514d ago

I really like the steampunk style. There's a game currently in development that is set in a steampunk fantasy era, it can be very interesting, I just can't manage to remember its name...

cyberwaffles3514d ago

i think i know what you're talking about. it's like a completely underwater world and the developers are trying to make the best water graphics ever. it's called hydro-something i think.

Bagogames3514d ago

Steampunk is always interesting but recent games (damnation) haven't shown it off well.

timestoby3514d ago

HERE HERE. i miss those and wondered about that lol.i always was excited when you got to a diff theme lol

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The story is too old to be commented.