Forza 3 Holiday Car Pack DLC

The next downloadable content (DLC) car pack from Turn 10 studios is just a week away from hitting an Xbox 360 dashboard near you, filled with some of the hottest cars on the planet! The Hot Holidays Car pack will be available for download on Tuesday December 8th and will cost 400 Microsoft Points.

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Immortal3215110d ago

paying for content that should be including in the game in the first place.

get your act up devs...

making dlc a gimmick

Chaos Striker5110d ago (Edited 5110d ago )

Well you also have to think on the flip side. Why do they have dlc? Nowadays, the cost of publishing and creating a game is in the tens of millions. Depending on the situation, a game may or may not sell 1 million copies, which is typically the break even point for a decent profit (The number of copies needed to be sold can also increase or decrease depending on the cost). So, by charging dlc they can effectively make direct profit without the publishing and other charges involved in the traditional process. Additionally, this extends the life of a game, but that is another matter.

TROLL EATER5109d ago (Edited 5109d ago )

dlc includes cars releasing in 2010 .u have to remember this game is actually out not continuously delayed .

Elven65109d ago

Who said this was in the game? Besides, Forza came out in October, it is completely plausible that they were working on DLC after the game released, you know, like how a lot of developers do now.

If you want to complain, why not complain about the developers who announce DLC before the game is even out?

Immortal3215108d ago

thats what happen when you rush

now the gamers have to pay

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Tr10wn5110d ago

No JDM or American car :( oh the S4 is pretty nice :)

5109d ago Replies(1)

This is great news! We pay for quality unlike the PS3 faboys who get the Ferrari 458 Italia for free in GT5 because it sucks and it's not worth paying for.

(I hate being a 360 fanboy because it's to hard trying to find PS3's fault)

champ215109d ago

what has gaming come to?

i remember downloading different cars on the pc version of various nfs games for free. Even opening up files to tweak the cars to my preference.

its a shame these companies have taken away all control from the user and now charge for stuff like this.

imo this stuff should be user created and for free.

bumnut5109d ago (Edited 5109d ago )

thats why pc gaming is better than console gaming.

champ215109d ago (Edited 5109d ago )

talk about getting shafted.

first they increase the prices of games on consoles this gen, as compensation for higher cost of development.

Later they milk the console base more by charging for stuff that previously was called patches now renamed dlcs.. ouch.

bumnut5109d ago

thanks to the admins for editing out most of my post.

Elven65109d ago

Cars cost a lot to license, it's really hard to subsidize free DLC packs for this kind of stuff. A lot of games didn't even get DLC a few years ago, infact, most were lucky to get patches! Now that things have been more centralized DLC has become a viable option.

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