Top 10 Weapons of War in Next-Gen Gaming

From the feature list:

"As anyone who has played Fallout 3 can tell you, war never changes. If there is one question that has been kicked around between gamers on more than one occasion it's about the items and weapons we see in the video games we play. After all, what could be better than actually getting your hands on the toys we get to watch our favorite video game characters use on a daily basis? The answer of course is having them and there would be few things cooler than having access to a real Lancer, as terrifying to the general population as that would be. But, in the meantime, I'll keep it brief so I can get on to the weapons and hopefully, it just might make you wonder what exactly your favorite is too."

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Valkyrie833776d ago

Gotta love some of those weapons, number one was a total shock but I have to agree - top notch list!

Shotgun_Roamer3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

He doesn't lie, chainsawing someone in half is always satisfying, no matter what game it's in. It just stirs something primal in the gamer in me.

HolyOrangeCows3776d ago

Nothing like the Lancer, Fat Man/Experimental MIRV, and the Killzone 2 Electricity Gun.

Nihilism3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

my favourite guns recently: the rail in fallout 3, and the sniper in F.E.A.R 2, the meatiest sounding, satisfying sniper i've ever used in a game, oh and the PAX cannon from crysis, nothing like blowing up a jeep with a plasma weapon, watching it explode and fly 50 metres away

Saaking3776d ago

I really wish there was some type of way to get out of the lancer chainsaw.

cyberwaffles3775d ago

i liked the explosive-round magnum revolver and sniper rifle from resistance 2. pretty unique usage of the guns.

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UltimaEnder3776d ago

It's funny because number 10 is probably my favorite "virtual" weapon of all time; although Resistance on the PS3 had some pretty damn cool ones....

Can't wait to see what's in Mass Effect 2!

WildArmed3776d ago

Yeah insomniac comes up with crazy guns lol

The list is nice, except I'd get rid of the Cod2 guns n put in some nice ones from CoD4.. I like dthose alot better :)

mrv3213776d ago

The title should seriously be renamed... 'Top gun on the 360!'

Because there's plenty of good weapons on the Wii and PS3 worth mentioning, such as the Augur. The Augur would kill more people in real warfare than the Lancer. The Saw Blades from R2 would do a better job than a Cricket Bat. Resistance fall of Man shotgun was pretty sweet. The Nail Gun from KZ2 is good so is the Lightning gun. Nathans Fists. etc... the list goes on.

WildArmed3776d ago

the site is 360 only.
But since they included multi-plats, it includes the ps3 section.

kaveti66163776d ago

The lightning gun pwns all.

Raf1k13776d ago

CoD2 is a next gen game?

Valkyrie833776d ago

I would consider anything this decade a next-gen game; maybe not HD graphics but Halo was IMO the start of next-gen gaming....and that was some years ago!

WildArmed3776d ago

umm.. next-gen by definition is ps4/xbox 720/wii hd etc etc now.. (it used to be ps3/360 when we were waiting)

The current gen (which used to be next-gen before the 360/ps3/wii were released) started, imo, with games like bioshock, resistance, mass effect.
Great games early into the console's life cycle

RockmanII73775d ago

I think of any game released for PS3/360/Wii is current gen, and CoD2 was a 360 launch title. Xbox/PS2/GC were last gen.

LaurenKB1233776d ago

I like the one from Portal the best; its the only non-violent game on the list (at least until the end with the cake)...

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The story is too old to be commented.