Harmonix wants to know what you'd Rock Band to

Harmonix has posted an open letter to future rockers asking what they'd like to see in their upcoming title Rock Band. Other than letting gamers know that the Rock Band guitar will be modeled after the Fender Stratocaster, gamers really don't know much more about the title. Obviously, the song list isn't complete yet and Harmonix needs your help.

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progx4747d ago

lol because im buying guitar hero 3.

PS360PCROCKS4747d ago

I will buy the title that actually puts good music on their. GH1 was better than 2. But I want Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana (Man who sold the world), bullet for my valentine - tears don't fall <---would be the best Guitar video game song ever, the solos are amazing. and Plain White T's - Hey Their Delilah...I am sure I have more which I'll probably add later, lol. But yeah bigger name bands...none of that no name screamer crap, it's irritating to listen to and unbearable to play when you hate the song. I'll pay more if they add big name big act bands.

EDIT::The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard, Rise against, AFI, GREEN DAY PLEASE etc...

VaeVictus4747d ago

Hendrix, Clapton, Metallica, Zep, nirvana are all ok. The rest of the bands you listed = infected boiling diarhea.

omansteveo4747d ago

I agree with all of yours but metallica is a long shot they dont wanna put their name on anything bc of the Napster fiasco which is lame....Hey METALLICA! I specifically remember your fist few albums selling like a billion copies total its not like you need the money!

Oh id like to also see some At The Drive-In,Modest Mouse,The [email protected] Champs,Mars Volta

PS360PCROCKS4746d ago

I'll ignore the guy above you totally...and agree on the Metallica thing. TOTALLY agree on the ones you listed also...I would love to play "float on" on GH...