Left 4 Dead 2 Skywalker Glitch

Well this shouldn't be around for long as it is going to completely frack up the Survival Scoring in Left 4 Dead 2. But like it or not the Skywalker Glitch is here in Left 4 Dead 2. Done by continuously switching weapons after being shocked by a pipebomb explosion lets players levitate for as long as they continue to switch weapons, allowing you to explore places through flight. But this video does a good explanation of how you do it, and the possiblilities are endless as you can do this glitch from anywhere after an explosion.

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King Hippo3776d ago

Modern Warfare 2 & Left 4 Dead 2. A fight to see which mediocre game can have the most glitches.

Pandamobile3776d ago

This glitch has already been fixed on PC.

WildArmed3776d ago

Best glitch ever.
Skywalker.. .you livveee

blue7xx73776d ago

Yeah this glitch is freaking awesome in Survival mode

Eamon3776d ago

It'd be sad if people are gonna get banned for this, knowing how fools like Stepto are in charge of XBL.

wogsy3775d ago

I was on the exact same stage on survival on the saturday (a day after release) and I seen a guy doing this..

He told us how to do it and all 4 of us ended up about a mile out at sea..
It was pretty funny actually.. Immature but funny.. And by god my finger was sore after hammering that y button so much..

Im suprised its taken till now to get any headlines..

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