New 360 Overload Preview Highlight - "My god, this is fun"

Overlord is developer Triumph Studios' attempt at creating a universal remedy for over-exposure to fantasy works, a common malady in our post-Lord of the Rings, post-Harry Potter world. It ruthlessly pillories every fantasy staple ingredient - your first opponents will be out-of-control halflings under the command of a grossly obese former hobbit hero, and you'll find yourself tearing a swathe of destruction through halfling-burrows which look suspiciously like those we're used to seeing in Lord of the Rings.

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sticky doja4747d ago

This game is looking to grab some of my paycheck.

Numark4747d ago

this is simply one of the most under-rated games coming out this year. I have been looking forward to it for awhile now.

Eclipticus4747d ago

I am surprised its not getting all hyped up lke Bioshock. These are two games i am really looking forward too.

Rhezin4747d ago

Well it doesn't look THAT great. I mean it's on the borderline of fable except you don't do any action but let some other AI do it for you. mehh