Eidos quiet on Tomb Raider Anniversary for Xbox 360

Eidos has declined to comment on rumours that Tomb Raider Anniversary is heading to Xbox 360.

Speculation erupted after a listing for the game was found on the Entertainment Software Ratings Board website. It suggests that four different missions, or maps, will be released on Microsoft's console - probably through Live Marketplace.

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omansteveo4244d ago

YES!!! ive played the PC demo ad its awesome even more polished than Tomb Raider:legend

Eclipticus4244d ago

saying nothing is almost like saying affirmative. We are all well familiar with MS " we dont comment..." Pretty sure this one is happening. THough that is mainly my hopes. and not anything else.

iNcRiMiNaTi4244d ago

if they do put it on the 360 i hope they include a playable version of the original....i never played that one so it would be cool if i could play the original 1st then play the remake to see what they changed/added [ besides the obvious graphics and gameplay update ].....i only played tomb raider 2 and up

AcidRhain4243d ago

I'll just wait til the Xbox version comes out. I heard this was a Wii title as well. TR legends was a blast on the 360.