New 1:34 of Crysis

Here is a 1:34 minute gameplay video of Crysis from Consumer Electronics Expo 2007 showing a new map set in a jungle.

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Capt CHAOS4247d ago

I saw what the guy did to that palm tree with the gun/ the butt of the gun. Please keep it realistic.

The characters physics were also a bit naff and (when he shot a guy forexample). The graphics are amazing and the framerate superb.

Mecha1054247d ago

thats because right before he did that, he activated maximum strength on his suit.

Crazyglues4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

But this looked like it was direct X9 and not direct X10 which in another video I saw where they where comparing the two really looked amazing.

This game will probably only be hot if you have a really high end PC or else you will probably be missing most of the amazing features, in all their glory.

Hope they can port this game to the PS3 as planned. But of course I won't hold my breathe... because I'm sure it won't even come close to looking like the low end PC version - which would just be sad.

Hectic_Kris4247d ago

is it not coming to 360 cus i havent got the money to uprgrade my pc that much lol

kevin4247d ago

youll shut your mouth about crysis not being possible on ps3 when killzone is shown

id dot entity4247d ago

This is THE reason why I'm getting a new PC.

RioGrande4247d ago

and the fact that mines alittle outdated

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