Will PS3 WW sales ever stop dropping?

An useful table with numbers for the all times high PS3 Europe launch week to the all times low week ending 06/03/2007.

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predator4738d ago

accoureding to sony fanboys wasnt the ps3 suppose to be outselling the 360 in europe? just a question.

Alvadr4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

At first it probebly was.

Where do these figures come from, I dont really trust VG Charts. I wait for the official stats but even then Im not expecting enormous figures for the PS3, we are all waiting for a price drop and games.

Its far too early to say where things are going to go at the moment. Its only been 3 months since Euro release, so the figures will be distored right there- the Wii and XBOX have been out for alot longer. First those figures would need to be de-seasonalised and then compared with the first three months of XBOX/Wii launch to give a direct comparison.

m000b14738d ago

how did this guy get so many bubbles? hes a total troll.

predator4738d ago

ha coming from you, im no fanatic to either system but when 2 or 1 bubble people like u say the stuff that i sed on the first post bugs me that they have no proof, heres proof

Alvadr4738d ago

Now Now - Play nice ;)

nobizlikesnowbiz4738d ago

puregamers your a worthless douche. wtf do you have to be compelled to removed bubbles from people you dont agree with. he wasn't even flaming. Every comment from you is worthless. End your life.

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marison4738d ago

the developers will not be able to adjust to the PS3 sales accordingly, giving the game community less good games because they believed too much in PS3, like Sony.

This could lead to another almost crash of the industry.

Fisher3394738d ago

Honestly, It's the Developers fault, Now here me out before everyone disagrees.

Like No 3rd party developers are willing to risk making a game on a poor selling console. However, the console is poor selling because developers aren't making games for it. It's a never ending cycling, until First party developers release games like, Lair, Warhawk,etc....

I understand why 3rd partys don't want to risk making games for the ps3 only yet. They could lose alot of money. So PS3 is gonna have to wait till september when sony releases alot of games to pick up steam and end this cycle

Kaneda4737d ago

It is all your fault for not buying it! I blame on you...sitting there waiting for good games...If you buy good games will come...

wolfgang4737d ago

Kaneda got a point there. Developpers want to bring games to console with a large install base because it means more profit. If too few gamers buy the console, waiting for good games, what the incensitive to produce a game far that console, knowing you are most at risk of loosing money.

felidae4738d ago

and in one year there's no more sony playstation ... lol. who cares? the system is only 2 months out here in germany. give it some time ....

m000b14738d ago

Its costs £425 quid of course the sales are gonna drop. When the price drop then the sales will rise.

FadeToBlack4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Whats gonna happen when the 360 price drops to match it and keeps it still $200 more?

MS will always have the price advantage due to it being out a year early. So if your looking for a price drop for it to surpase the 360 you will be waiting in vein.

Bill Gates4738d ago

"MS will always have the price advantage due to it being out a year early".....

yeah and not to mention usuing cheap quality parts in the 360.

VirtualGamer4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

The 360 is cheaper than the PS3 already so if people just wanted a cheaper system they would have bought a 360 which is cheaper and has a larger selection of games right now. Most people who want a PS3 are waiting for either more games, a price cut or both before buying.

achira4738d ago

another bs article from idiots.