Forza 2 - Stealing Cars And In-Game Auction Money?

It has recently been announced on the Official Forza 2 forum boards that the game contains a slight bug, which appears to be confiscating virtual money from the games auction house. A few gamers have also reported that cars that they've been spending hours on customizing, have been lost whilst "gifting" them over to friends on Xbox Live. If you're experiencing any difficulties, it's perhaps best to hold-off on that transaction you were thinking of making, as the Forza crew states that they are working on a solution as we speak and shall be fixed shortly.

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SuperSaiyan44809d ago (Edited 4809d ago )

Complete cack and looks it to whats the point? Why part with your money to play a crappy Xbox 1 port?


PGR3 looks way better graphically, look at the environments and the road in PGR3 and then Forza 2, look at the cars as well.

Forza 2 looks pathetic.

Hell even GTHD looks far better than this forza 2!!

GameOn4809d ago

I think its the amount of customisation you can do on the cars.

Do u understand now?

FeralPhoenix4809d ago

Bro, I'm playing this game now...just got it 2 days ago and its freakin nice, I don't know about anybody else but its a hard game with the wireless wheel....its more realistic than any other racer I've ever played. Aside from that you can spend hours and hours just trying to come up with [email protected] artwork for your car....its a whole game all by itself. -Trust me, this game will be a fan favorite for a long time.

bumnut4809d ago (Edited 4809d ago )

don't buy it then

gapzi11a4809d ago

This is hands down the best racing game I've ever played. As a hardcore gearhead and a racing fan, it is an absolute dream.I have to think that those of you who are arguing trivial graphics comparisons and such, just don't get it or haven't played it.

Skizelli4809d ago (Edited 4809d ago )

@#1: Thanks for your worthless opinion that nobody gives a crap about. No, really.

@everyone else: Why let someone with only one bubble rile you up? He's obviously a moron. He's the one that has to live with himself. He's probably the kind of douche bag that would drive backwards on the track, thinking it was funny.

gogators4809d ago

I would agree that the graphic aren't the best and the number of tracks is sub-par. But this game handles, plays, and is deeper than any other racing game out there right now; bar none. Turn-10 could have done somethings better, but they still deserve a pat on the back for making such a deep game.

Oh, and in your next version, please get rid of that very annoying King Cobra track.

One last thing, if going to re-use tracks from Forza 1, then lets get the extended New York track, the South Beach and Toyko tracks. thanks.

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Hectic_Kris4809d ago

stop moaning ad dont even purchase it how does the virtual money work anyway anyone let me know?

Ignorant Fanboy4808d ago

It just sometimes takes a whole day to show up. I sent one to a friend, he got it the next day, sent another one, he got it in seconds.

I have recieved cars in seconds, and in hours.

Any money you earn, by winning races, in singleplayer or multiplayer can be used to purchase cars online or in-game.

So if you lose any money, its just a few races worth.

kamakazi4809d ago

grand theft forza....gotta love it

nobizlikesnowbiz4809d ago

Seriously you are retarded. The graphics aren't the best ever but the cars look awesome. Besides the graphics, the gameplay and the physics are absolutely amazing. I got this game a few days ago and every second I'm away from it I'm daydreaming about it. Everyone knows it's a great game when your thinking about it when your not playing it. Every car is different, every add-on does different things to the performance. You can spend hours tuning your ride, you can spend days making a custom paint job, you can spend months beating every race.

This game is f**king sweet and your comment is f**king retarded. Try and do any of this sh1t Forza can do on PGR. PGR is a f**king gay arcade racer that gives you points for drifting unrealistically. If you want to have a drift race in Forza you can but your car has to be tuned for it. Thats what makes Forza awesome.

gogators4809d ago

been dreaming about how to layer vinyls to make some Miller Lite cars.

nobizlikesnowbiz4809d ago

I forgot to mention this in my comment but has anyone else noticed that if you are in reverse you can drive through sand going like over 20mph? As opposed to driving in a forward gear you can only go like 5-10mph through sand.

Just seeing if anyone noticed this little glitch. Doesn't really affect anything I only realized it when i spun out in the dirt.