New BioShock Details

New details for BioShock have been revealed from the July 2007 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly's (EGM).

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Rhezin4747d ago

AHHH!! best game ever!!

predator4747d ago

i want demo on live now (keep me goin till it comes out)

PS360PCROCKS4747d ago

"Predicted to be 25 hours long for those who take it slow." Hmm guess DVD wont be a problem here huh? Cause this game is long AND F'ing beautiful.

"city where the artist would not be censored, where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality, where the great would not be constrained by the small". One of the coolest quotes I have ever seen.


Hmmmmmmmmm maybe short like gears

Still will be worth the play tho

Water looks nice. Thats about it lol

FeralPhoenix4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

Hmmmmmmmmm maybe (a lot of fun) like gears

Hmmmmmmmmm maybe (win alot of awards) like gears

Hmmmmmmmmm maybe (sell more copies total, than PS3 hardware sold) like gears

-ha, ha -Funny stuff huh? -Its so easy to crack a few jokes, which one was I joking about? "Hmmmmmmmmm"
_____________________________ __________________________

Wow, those are some great details about the game...25 hrs sounds like a very satisfying experience for this type of game, especially when it says the game does not force you to ever backtrack. #3 xbox360rocks, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thought that quote was f-kin cool. -Nice!

PS360PCROCKS4747d ago

Yeah it's all poetic. well I am a writer I am going to school to be a journalist so stuff like that stands out for me. Anyways love your comment...haha good one. But honestly I take my time in game and gears took me forever to beat. Like I beat it in like 2 days but it was like 14-15 hours worth. God of war took me like 2 days for a comparison. Anyways 25 hours is alot of time so this will take me like 30-35 hours, especially with the no back-tracking. I hate games where you have to back track because you forget to pick something up or hit a switch or something. (I'm looking at you Zeldas!)

MK_Red4747d ago

I believe a lot has been censored in order to avoid a NC-17 rating, mostly with little sisters.

obi14747d ago

is what I have been waiting for (and still am). I want this game....Now!

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