Final Halo 3 standard edition cover art revealed on

Last week a supposed final cover art for Halo 3 was found on, some thought it was real, others thought it was fake.

Now Microsoft has posted the final Cover art for the standard Edition of Halo 3.

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wolfgang4747d ago

Its ok but it won't beat Halo 2 with the dual SMG cover, best cover of the triology.

Theo11304747d ago

the ironic thing was that the smg sucked ass, its all about the BR

eLiNeS4747d ago

from Halo 1 and since you start off with that now instead of the SMG, they felt that it was cover worthy.

The cover is nice but the game is where it's at!!!

Theo11304747d ago

The "new" AR seems to be underwhelming, such as it really has no range, and the bullets have not "POW" feeling. I thought as soon as they said they were reducing the clip sized, it would pack more of a bang; Then again its a BETA so I'll give Bungie the benefit of the dought and how they do that weapon right

H3Lust1174747d ago

halo is best game of the monde

jay24747d ago

How boring, PS what's ever one's over-hyped obsession with Halo games?

Theo11304747d ago

gameplay, ambiance, and decent story.

Xi4747d ago

same with the overhyped mgs series.

Theo11304747d ago

Sure the diologue get convoluted sometimes, but its the same as halo, great gameplay. great ambiance, and a decent story will keep fans wanting more

PS360PCROCKS4747d ago

Ahhh the other cover was soooooooooo much cooler!

Bloodmask4747d ago

the cover looks cool. You know Halo is a really addictive game. The thing I thought that was actually the best was the music in it though. It really set the mood of the game depending on what was going on.

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