Scrivener's Final Insider Post: The Words You've All Wanted To Hear

"Scrivener", the industry insider who originally revealed some major info about PS3 (particularly Killzone and Heavenly Sword) before TGS 06, really was who he claimed. He posted this thread to GenMay last night where he disclosed that he was amongst the massive layoffs at SCEA and the department from which he worked. Although this is not official, it does appear quite legit.

WARNING: GenMay does not regulate language. There is quite a lot of info though, and worth checking out.

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ngg123454738d ago

He is a complete idiot.

Rybnik4738d ago

The info leaking I think has nothin to do with it. He got laid off just yesterday as part of the crazy Sony cuts that are going on as we speak..He posted the old info in August 06' and because of that info, he became internet-wide famous as the most credible insider ever....Sony would have fired him last August, if they had not wanted the info spread..

Saint Sony4738d ago

Ouch, sour grapes or not, but still.. ouch.

Rybnik4738d ago

Yeah. sucks for him, and Sony. Scriv reckons the layoffs may reach above 500 to near a thousand company-wide. Scary!

dale14738d ago

nintendo closes down studio and 3 executive hand in resignation are they really in trouble, no so why down sizing, yes its all about saving money ,
sony called in mr stringer to get rid of wastage pure and simple and thats what he is doing sony had some loss making units in there empire
so stringers there to sort them out or ged rid of buisness sense pure and simple other wise these will eat into the profit making companies under sony with shares at there highest in over 5 years the ps3 development costs now behind them the ps2 beating all new gen in sales
the psp software sales 128% up and sales doing well they only need to get the ps3 software pushing on and the playstation store filled and they will do nicely later down the road

_insane_cobra4738d ago

My god, the wall of random words. Scary.

peksi4738d ago wouldn't be praising your employer either. Besides an ordinary worker in a massive company such as Sony doesn't have a clue about the company's real financial situation. The best picture is with financial analysts that have studied Sony, it's plans and doings.

Fart_Bubbles4738d ago

gets canned and he thinks sony is in trouble, lol

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The story is too old to be commented.