Onkyo's new DV-HD805 HD DVD player

Apparently Onkyo expects to launch the DV-HD805 this autumn, and it will be based on the Toshiba HD-XA2 player -- with a few yet to be mentioned tweaks. Engadget is excited to see another HD DVD player on the market, but we hope it's not just a re-badge of the HD-AX2. Before any format fanboys get too rabid; the Onkyo rep also mentioned that officially Onkyo supports both formats.

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ITR4745d ago

Hmmm HD-XA2 is $560 at Amazon.

So could this come in at $600-700 then?

My guess the tweaks are in the audio dept...maybe with some extra power for speakers and higher end audio connectors.

dknight4745d ago

Onkyo = money money money

DrPirate4745d ago

I don't want to nitpick, but Gamers care because?

ITR4745d ago

Because it's tech news.

If you don't want tech news then get rid of Tech.

bootsielon4745d ago

You know, I support Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii, although I don't have a Wii and don't really plan to get one in the future. But hey... I support it!

Arutha4745d ago

Nice to see another company releasing a HD player besides Toshiba. I've been happy my HD A1 since I first bought it. If the price is low enough this might be a good player to upgrade to.

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