Zangeki no Reginleiv Famitsu scans

Check out some new scans of Nintendo's upcoming mature title, Zangeki no Reginleiv.

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Valay4344d ago

I wonder if this really will be like an on-rails game like 1Up said...

Smacktard4344d ago

I wouldn't know why not to believe them, but there IS what looks to be a compass at the top right of the screen, which isn't very on-rails-ish.

Valay4344d ago

Yeah, I mean, I've been thinking that it simply wouldn't make sense if it was on-rails. So here's hoping there was just a mistranslation.

SpoonyRedMage4344d ago

I think it's kind of just restricted movement, like thye'll be specific paths you can go down or something...

hope it gets a western release though.

Cajun Chicken4344d ago

Looks like a magic based reskinned Earth Defence Force game, health system, radar and all. :)

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tunaks14344d ago

can't wait for this game, i just watched the trailer.

hitthegspot4341d ago

I just came across this. I can't wait for this either....

thereapersson4344d ago

Hopefully it *isn't* "on-rails", because that would be severely limiting as to what you could do.

Cajun Chicken4344d ago


...Wait a minute....

Seriously, this better come out in EU or I'm modding my Wii, love a Sandlot game.

SpoonyRedMage4344d ago

I'd say Europe has more chance of getting it than NA so this might end up as another game we can rub in their faces!

mastiffchild4344d ago

I'm hoping it just gets a western traailer to be honest as with all the supposition around the "rails" stuff we don't even really know what it plays similar to.

Promising looks and interesting looking screens and m,enus so far but we're all pretty much in the dark unless we getr someone to translate Famitsu properly!

Hope it takes off and comes west, though, as I'm always up for something new for my Wii these days.

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