First Mario Strikers Charged Online Impressions

Strikers in stores now in the US and UK, and Vooks has had it for a couple of days now and they've got some impressions regarding the online multiplayer portion of the game. If you are an online game buff you'll want to know how it plays. The verdict is in, Its great!

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ITR4247d ago

I heard over a half million are playing online now.

KoolMan4247d ago

wow... bigger fanbase then PES. finally a rival!!!lOl

PS360WII4247d ago

Seems that it's working nicely ^^

ItsDubC4247d ago

Strikers is actually NOT in stores in the US. The release date is set for next month. I would've liked the US to have a simultaneous release of the game but seeing as how soccer is much more popular there, I understand completely.

M_Prime4247d ago

now all we need is this game in NORTH AMERICA..

and this is the first time EU got anything before us.. i mean they are waiting till DEC 2007 for PAPER MARIO...!! and thats bad.. but u win some and u loose some..

i can't wait to play this game.. i still have the GC strikers and i found it was only fun in multiplayer.. in single player it was pretty boring once u beat it.. so this ONLINE will definitly add lasting appeal to the game (i'll tade my strikers in to get this strikers)