Manhunt 2 Under Fire Again

Controversial stealth action game Manhunt 2 from the infamous Rockstar Games has yet again found itself in the political spotlight, particularly within Florida. Florida's attorney-general has voiced several concerns for the violent title and the effect it may have on children. Of course, where there's politics and violent video games, we're bound to have something else, and that's right, you guessed it, Jack Thompson himself is responsible for the attorney-generals' distaste.

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KoolMan4743d ago

there wont be a R* game release without lawers of other political b.tches (jack thompson) barcking about how R* keeps bringing violent games to our houses, damn I dont buy my kid porn, or any games other then E or T rated, even tho he luvs MGS... my question is...
is it the games or parents who suppost to tell u whats good or wrong?

BitbyDeath4743d ago

They shouldn't have released it on the Wii, anyone that's played the first one knew there'd be trouble with this

dknight4743d ago

DO you fear the power of the Wii! lol

By the time this game hits the Wii will have 8 million users or more.

PhilHarrison4743d ago

We at sony think Jack Thompson is just doing his job. Leave him alone, we will cooperate totally with his investigations.

freeza4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

hhmmm this should be good when does manhunt come out

ItsDubC4743d ago

July 10th I believe. I'm actually really looking forward to this game.

I feel like Jack Thompson is putting too much focus on video games when in reality, movies and music are more mainstream and far-reaching. I think he's basing his efforts on a) money and b) the misconception that videogames are targeted solely at minors. As with any form of public media, parents should be the ones to decide the level of exposure to their kids. Jack Thompson is a gnat.

Nicosia4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

^^ read title. They will always blame games first, its just a fact. But the real problem is, why do parents let them buy the game? The blame is with the parents, be active in what you kids do goddammit. Jack Thompson is a jackass, he's riding on the grave of dead people with no freaking respect. Well on a another note, games can be a cause but look at the person who did it: how was his metal health? What drived him over the edge? etc. Jack is only looking from a point ''games are bad'' .

my 2 cents