Best Buy Selling Xbox 360 Pro For Less Than $100

Just in time for the holidays, Best Buy has a hell of deal on Xbox 360 consoles.

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King Hippo4215d ago

"Give one to that douche Wii fanboy that you know so they can have some good games to play this holiday season."

It's funny because the 360 doesn't even have any games worth playing this holiday season. The only way you'll be playing games is if you get a PS3.

iron_sheik4215d ago

if u want to play games then get a ps3
i think x360 sold way less than what vgcrap or MS told us and this is why MS is basically liquidating their console

how times have changed? isnt it? it seems that x360 has reached the bottom of the bottomless pit

rip X360

Serjikal_Strike4215d ago

I'd buy it and throw it in our extra room when we have company stay the night they can watch DVDs on it!

It does play DVDs dont it?

Chubear4215d ago

I've played gears and it was a nice game but not at all what I thought from all the hype talk. Outside of that.. what do I need a 360 for after playing gears on someone else's 360? Mass Effect doesn't interest me like it once did after seeing WRPG games like Demon Souls & Brink. Fable is not at all my type of game, Forza.. ok, I'll just leave this one be, Viva Pinata is way too kiddy for me, Banjo Kazooie is not remotely interesting to me (see Viva Pinata) so... what?

Splinter Cell and Mass Effect are timed exclusives and will be on the PS3 later next year so I can decide to either rent them or forget about them if there are exclusives I haven't gotten round to yet.. soooo, why would need to clog up my home with stuff I already know is going to crap out on me.

If Mikkey Ds is giving away a 360 with the order of a happy meal then I'd consider it but still... what the hell would I do with it?

cliffbo4215d ago

i totally agree. this is really telling

Teh Cell4215d ago

Desperation for...Best Buy?

Blaster_Master4215d ago

They aren't even worth 100 bucks. I dont know how MS has been getting away with charging so much for the 360? It doesn't even have an HD player.

Johnny Rotten4215d ago

or a fastforward/rewind button for the music player. lol

Saaking4215d ago

It's now the price of a 10 year old console. Congrats MS, you FAIL.

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nygamer284215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

read the artical morons......its a refurbished 20gb xbox console

Infernostew4215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

So a former red ringed 20gb 360 that has a 99.9% chance of dieing. Well, some kid with moron parents is gonna have a bad christmas.

Elvfam5114215d ago

thats bad the 20gb have way more chances on getting messed up i should know

but if they put the lastest motherboard then its a deal.

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The story is too old to be commented.