FFVII Remake :"Someone will take in charge of this"

In a interview between 3 Final Fantasy Fansite in Paris with Toshiyuki Itahana (FF IX and Crystal Chronicle Series) ajnd Akitoshi Kawazu (FFI to XII, SaGa series and Crystal Chronicle series), Square Enix developers give their opinions on a FINAL FANTASY VII Remake ! And it's HOT !

Final Fantasy Dream: I play the Final Fantasy series since I was seven years old, and I know that you have not worked on Final Fantasy VII, but honestly, do you really think that episodes FF VII to IX can be redone? Is it your next secret project?

Akitoshi Kawazu: No, no, no, no ... (laughs) Someone in the company will carry the remake of FFVII, but not me. But if someone tries to do, it will be a huge project. With the current technical specifications, it would be very difficult, but nice.

So can have a chance that FF VII remake, can be announce at the Next E3, at this time, FF XIII will be release worldwide !

You can hear the Podcast in English here : (the FF VII remake question is at 30:30 )

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SpoonyRedMage3238d ago

Rawr, google translate strikes again!

It was kind of silly to ask them about about FFVII as they had nothing to do with it.... a remake of FFIX however.... and it's good to know Stiltzkin and Artemicion are returning, even though I've already seen them.

Pretty good interview and I'm wondering what these new projects are... a new Wii multiplayer focused one please!

OmarJA-N4G3238d ago

I really hope it's a PS3 exclusive we don't want another gimped game...

& hopefully they don't ruin a classic.

Lolita573238d ago

Just the thought of an FF7 PS3 Exclusive remake makes me cream my pants. As long as they do just that; leave it as a remake, I will love the game. I just hope they dont change any storyline, leave the materia system as is, ahhhhhhh ff7, I think Im going to start up a new file this weekend!!!

And to those who think that they are milking the FF fans youre completely wrong, it is not all about money, if they remake an FF game and release it on every console including the crapbox then yes its obvious they only care about money, but a ps3 exclusive shows more than just $$$ it shows loyalty and honour

Simon_Brezhnev3238d ago

i wouldnt be suprised if M$ pays $500 million to be exclusive lmao

Shadow Flare3237d ago

1) I want it to be ps3 exclusive. I don't want the best game in the world to be gimped in ANY way

2) include japanese voice acting. I absolutely hate the english voice acting

3) stay true to the overall FF7 feel. Don't go OTT with the insanity and needless effects the latest FF games have

Im not a big fan of the new battle system the new games have. But as long as they make it work, I don't mind too much what they do with the battle system

Shadow Flare3237d ago

Oh and

4) no damn pop music. Keep that crap away from FF7. FF7 has an amazing soundtrack, don't ruin it. Just update it. Like the tour de japon music

3237d ago
gaffyh3237d ago

I know people want it as a PS3 exclusive, I mean who wouldn't given what other PS3 exclusives look like, but I just don't care. I want the remake even if it is on 360 as well, just make it happen already!!

ultimolu3237d ago

If a remake does come, they better keep the original music. That music piece was awesome. I still have the original FFVII for PS1 in my room.

Jinxstar3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

I wrote a blog on this site about this... It kinda... Seems pointless to me but I guess if the fans will buy it then they will make it... There are just way too many conflicting interests in what should or shouldn't be done... It'll never be right. The original is on PSN. DL that and play it.

Saaking3237d ago

As long as it's PS3 exclusive. If it's not, I'll just stick with the original.

Reibooi3237d ago

God I hate this Google translate stuff.

My brain explodes just trying to decipher it.

There should be some rule against Google translated stuff. Get a real person from a real website to translate the interview/article and then people can read it without getting a migraine

sikbeta3237d ago

Considering the FACT that Sony OWNS a HUGE percentage of SE Stocks and FFVII is exclusive, kind of owned by Sony or some kind of agreement, FVII Remake will be 100% Exclusive

SaiyanFury3237d ago

To be completely honest, I'd find it hard to believe these days that S-E WOULDN'T remake FF7, Lord knows they're remaking everything before it. And since Sony has such a big invested interest in S-E, I can pretty much assume that it would be a PS3 exclusive. If anything, it would at least come to the PSP.

Nikuma3237d ago

I can't wait until they finally get around to remaking FFVII. I just hope it is done right and doesn't ruin the original masterpiece.

3237d ago
Pozzle3237d ago

If a remake does happen, I hope Square Enix don't change too much. I want it to not only look like FFVII (in HD graphics), but I want it to FEEL like FFVII. Crisis Core had moments that made me feel nostalgic, but then there were moments that made me go "WTF!" and wonder what the hell Square were thinking when they put that in the FFVII world (Genesis is one of them, Minerva was another).

If the remake is changed too much, people will complain.
If it is made exactly the same (with the appropriate upgrades, of course) people will complain.
But at least the latter gives people what they asked for - an exact remake. At least then nobody can claim Square Enix didn't give fans what they asked for.

That's my view, anyway.

rockleex3237d ago

They were actually working on multiple games at the same time. FFXIII, Versus, Agito, and FFVII.

That FFVII PS3 tech demo at E3 was a BIG hint.

Its VERY likely that once you beat FFXIII, you will unlock a trailer for FFVII remake. >:D

vhero3237d ago

Sony own distribution rights to FFVII and its probably the main reason why its not had a remake yet. It would probably be impossible to make multi-platform so S-E are waiting for a large enough fanbase before working on this game.

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Lolita573238d ago

The monkey tail and the same background between, Goku and Zidane, it's right, French have one points ! BRAVO !
The Interview is very very interesting ! ;)

3238d ago
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Biloute3237d ago

Why Did you speak about ZIDANE !
It's the best player of Soccer I never Seen so shut up please!
It's my Idol, don't say anything about him, why did you spoke about Zidane on a FF VII subject you're crazy you know ! ;(

TengkuAmir103237d ago

Please check your grammar please for everyone's sake. It's not "it's" because he's a freaking human. You calling Zidane "it" means you calling him a pig!

"It's the best player of Soccer I never Seen so shut up please! "

What the hell does this phrase mean dude? i don't F-ing understand!! it's the best player of soccer which you never seen? so shut up please? WTH?

Disccordia3237d ago

He's talking about Zidane from FF9 anyway, not the fake French guy who got sent off twice in world cup finals.

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Lolita573238d ago

You have to change your system, because PS3 will Get FF VII for sure now ! :)

3238d ago
blitz06233237d ago

i think he just means if EVER a remake is gonna happen, it won't be him taking charge of it. that's all

Kev03237d ago

I'm sure on PS3 on 2012, There is a possible chance it will be annouce at E3